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Microblog: Unhappy Gut – Unhappy Brain

Microblog: Unhappy Gut – Unhappy Brain

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🎙I’ve been doing a podcasting tour for @CarnivoreCure and I’ve been sharing my story and talking a lot about personalized carnivore, mental health and gut health.

🧠Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the nervous system and they have a vital role on our mood and behavior. Neurotransmitters are produced in the brain and in the gut (and other places, less so).

💡For example, serotonin in the brain is mostly located in the gut (intestines).

❓What do you think happens when our gut health isn’t properly functioning?

🚨If we have an imbalanced gut and we eat non-nutrient-dense foods, we are in a world of mental-health-hurt. Sure, it may not show up right away but it will.

🚧Neurotransmitters also require nutrients to be created. If you are eating a nutrient-poor diet that is not bioavailable (plant-based foods) and have poor gut health, you will likely feel the adverse mental health effects.

Let’s talk serotonin again.

⚖️As mentioned, most serotonin resides in our gut. Serotonin is a mood stabilizer and regulates sleep, appetite, body temperature and more.

❗️Yes, even though it’s mostly in the gut: serotonin regulates mood, anxiety and fear.

🦃Nutritionally, serotonin requires B-vitamins, tryptophan and omega-3 fats to be made and utilized. Especially the amino acid, tryptophan.

❓See why any diet that wants to lower tryptophan and omega-3 fats are not ideal?

⁉️See why having gut disease and being on a plant-based diet has a higher risk for mental health disease?

🥜I guess you can eat pineapples (careful: fructose and salicylates), soy (careful: excess estrogen), and nuts/seeds (careful: gut health destroyers) for the tryptophan, but what about the B-vitamins and omega-3s (no to flax seeds—see estrogen)

❓Do you know what low serotonin looks like?

🌱Erratic moods and behavior.

💡Heal your gut. And eats lots of meat and fat.🥩

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