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Microblog: Normal Is an Illusion. What Is Normal for the Spider Is Chaos for the Fly

Microblog: Normal Is an Illusion. What Is Normal for the Spider Is Chaos for the Fly

We understand that sugar is addictive. We understand that some of us do better in complete abstinence. We must understand the way we function so that we have better chances at overcoming our vices.

✨ Simply put, figure out YOU and do YOU. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just have to find the “right” that works for you.

🥩And for many of us, that means a meat-based diet.

🤒With Game Changers and Beyond Meat, more people are cutting meat. It’s unfortunate as the detriment to health will not be realized until much damage has been done. It makes me very sad, ESPECIALLY when I think of the children. Kids trust us to give them the best that life has to offer.

🦁I know many of us are being challenged for our meat-based diets. We may not know all the science or able to articulate so well why it works… But the thing is, it DOES work. We may not have all the clinical studies (yet) but we have OUR OWN n=1 and that is more powerful than n=anyone else.

💥Resistance from others is not about you but about them. As humans, we are wired to self-preserve. We must think highly of ourselves and what we do and believe. Otherwise, what do we stand for and how can we survive in this hard world?

💥Many times others will shun carnivore and cite all the standard nutritional advice. Because the reality is, if they agree with you, even a sliver bit, then they HAVE TO inherently question their own diet and their way of eating.

💥That’s too much work and it would cause so much chaos for the person. And so, instead of questioning themselves, they question you. It’s just easier to maintain status quo.

🧵Don’t feel discouraged from others about carnivore. If you know n=1 is working, then nothing else matters. Until meat-based becomes the gold standard, we will always be challenged. Wear your blue commitment and know that you are NEVER alone.

🦋Keep doing #Carnivore75Hard. The transformation in your life will be the testimony to make others intrinsically question their own lives. Be the change. Not with words but with actions.

💪🏼Don’t let others sway you from living your best life. You owe it yourself and our future generations. ♥️

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