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60-70% of the Body Is Water

Microblog: 60-70% of the Body Is Water

60-70% of the Body Is Water

An average adult holds 12 – 15 gallons of water.

❓So where’s the water?

– Plasma (blood) is 90% water
– Brain is 75% water
– Muscle 75% water
– Lungs are 70-80% water
– Skin is 64% water
– Fat is 20% water

Let’s talk about the 60-70% water in context of weight and metabolism.

💧Water helps our body to flush waste (detox)

💧Water is needed by our brains to make hormones (thyroid = metabolism)

💧Water helps to transport nutrients to the cells

❓Guess what water’s best friend is in the body?


Many of my clients don’t drink enough water.

🥩On a meat-based diet, you need to drink more even if you don’t feel thirsty. (If you always feel thirsty, check for diabetes, loss of blood or check kidney/liver function.)

💇🏻‍♀️Meats contain water but not as much as fruits and vegetables. As my clients heal and they have a weight plateau, I also start checking their hair minerals. Often there’s an imbalance which may be causing some of the weight stall.

For example, excess copper causes water retention and swelling (and low mood).

⚠️And with high copper, usually calcium increases which causes decreased thyroid function (slowing metabolism further).

⚠️And then zinc often decreases. Without enough zinc, there goes your HCl (stomach acid—you need zinc to make HCl).

💡If you’re healing on carnivore but stuck with the weight, you may want to check your hair mineral levels. I’ve found some of my clients have cortisol stress spikes in the night not bc of blood sugar imbalances but because on a clean diet, the body is finally detoxing heavy metals.

Not Fun.

⛑If you have a hard time balancing electrolytes on carnivore, it may be time to get a hair mineral test.

⏰If you’re eating clean, sometimes healing may cause water shifts in the body. Give it time. You might just be healing.



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