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Microblog: Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction and Potential Symptoms

Microblog: Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction and Potential Symptoms

Have you ever?

🏋🏻‍♂️Been pumped for the gym and after the workout, you feel bad the next day? Almost vowing to never go to the gym again?

🎈Welcome to the Herxheimer Reaction.

This often happens while healing the body.

🥩I’ve seen some people try carnivore for a couple of months, feel worse and say “this diet’s not for me.”


❓But what if this diet is so clean that you are detoxing something that’s been toxic in the body?

We know of oxalate dumping.

❓But what about heavy metals? Mold? Gut dysbiosis that can no longer hide under all the other symptoms from junk foods?

⛑Herxheimer was a dermatologist that found in response to treatment, many patients got worse before they got better. Some of the lesions got worse, even inducing fevers. They also found that the most extreme reactions healed the best and fastest.


Did you get that?

❓If you feel crappy and you pivot too soon from carnivore, what if you were JUST about to turn the corner and feel better?

🦠Oftentimes Herxheimer reaction is caused by a release of endotoxins from the cell walls of dying bacteria due to the effective treatment.

💉Why are we okay with chemotherapy even though we feel completely crappy during it? Even radiation? But a diet is not worth it?

🐂Carnivore may not be for everyone. But don’t give up after a month just because you feel worse. You may need to tweak things and there’s great resources.

📚Carnivore is the ultimate elimination diet and if you feel worse on it, it’s time to dig a little deeper. (See @carnivorecure)

👩🏻‍🏫I am a gut specialist using a meat-based diet. Most of my clients work with me for gut health but through working together, some of my clients have found mold, heavy metals, and autoimmune illness.

🦋Many people struggle from thyroid imbalances. Thyroid is not root cause. Seek gut health, minerals (iodine!, excess calcium), or other toxins causing stress on the adrenals. Therein may be the reason for an imbalanced thyroid.

💡Not everything is Herxheimer but with all things in life, the journey to optimal health may have a turn for the worse before it gets better. Take it day by day. Most of all, believe in healing.



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