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Microblog: These Factors Affect Your Metabolic Rate

Most people define healing with weight loss. Ask my clients, that’s not my benchmark (and many of them wish it was).

There are many contributing factors to weight loss. Some of the factors that cause slowing of weight loss:

1️⃣CHRONIC DIETER & NUTRIENT-POOR DIETER: If your body is used to 1200 calories or foods with very low nutrition, what do you think your body will do when you properly nourish the body? It will hoard the nutrients and not let go.

2️⃣POOR GUT HEALTH: If your body cannot breakdown your food, you are more susceptible to slow or impaired digestion (and emptying) and pathogens.

3️⃣MINERAL IMBALANCE: Minerals are the sparkplugs to life. The proper balance of minerals and the water in your body will affect weight. (Our bodies are 60-70% water).

4️⃣STRESS (CHRONIC STRESS): Stress is bad. Very bad. Stress management becomes the priority of our bodies for survival. All minerals and nutrition will be used to manage stress. Gut health will be compromised as chronic stress causes gut permeability.

❓You sure the stress is a no-carb diet?

5️⃣AGE: The older a body becomes, things start aging. Everything doesn’t work as well. A body in its 50s won’t work as well as a body in it’s 20s.

6️⃣BODY SIZE: The larger a body, the more calories are burned.

7️⃣OUTSIDE TEMP: If the body is exposed to cold temperatures, it will burn more calories to keep the body alive.

8️⃣MUSCLE MASS: The more muscle mass, the more calories the body burns. Lean body mass is also critical for longevity.

9️⃣MOVEMENT: The more you move, the more calories you burn. Metabolism speeds up temporarily (14 hrs) after 45 min of strenuous exercise.

🔟HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Imbalances such as Cushings or Hypothyroid can cause the body to slow the metabolism and gain weight.

💡Find what’s causing the hormonal imbalance.

🌈Weight loss takes time. If you’re 40+ it will take more time. And it doesn’t help when people market carnivore as a natural bikini-ready diet.

⛑For many, when you use it for healing, weight loss comes last. And only those that are patient will reap the benefits.
No healthy body wants to be obese.

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