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carnivore diet before and after

Carnivore Diet Before and After Features

carnivore diet before and after

Embarking on the carnivore diet presents a remarkable journey toward optimal health and healing. Contrary to popular belief, the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts in our diet isn’t always beneficial for everyone. In fact, these plant-based foods might be the very culprits behind chronic health issues like digestive problems, joint pain, brain fog, and mood disturbances.


At our holistic wellness practice, we understand that true healing involves addressing the root cause of ailments, not just offering temporary solutions. That’s where the carnivore diet comes into play. It’s not just another dietary fad; it’s a profound transformation that allows individuals to discover the foods that their bodies can truly tolerate. This meat-based regimen, focusing on animal-based foods, is designed to restore your body to its optimal health. Whether you are just starting or fine-tuning your journey, the carnivore diet offers a path to rediscover health by leveraging the incredible healing powers of a meat-centric diet.


As we share success stories and experiences, you’ll see the remarkable ‘before and after’ transformations that attest to the healing power of the carnivore diet. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into these inspiring journeys, showcasing the profound impact this diet can have on overall well-being.


Carnivore Diet Success Stories

At our practice, we’ve worked with over 1,000 clients who have embraced a meat-based diet, witnessing firsthand the transformative health benefits of the carnivore diet. Understanding the limited scientific studies specifically on the carnivore diet, we’re currently engaged in producing peer-reviewed scientific literature to further explore its effects.


While extensive research on plant-based diets exists, there’s a significant gap when it comes to meat-centric diets. Many meat-based studies are faulty as they don’t account for other problematic foods and the diet and are often epidemiology studies. This is why the success stories of our clients are not only inspiring but also crucial. They provide powerful anecdotal evidence, showcasing the diet’s effectiveness in achieving optimal mental and physical health, which is not always possible with other diet options.


Carnivore Diet Case Study



We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Peter Martin who led the carnivore diet case study that has been accepted as a preprint and is ready to be peer-reviewed for the BMC Gastroenterology journal. The study researches the efficacy of the carnivore diet for treating small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).


Listen to our insightful discussion with Dr. Peter Martin on the benefits of a carnivore diet, particularly in treating SIBO. This episode delves into how a meat-based elimination diet can lead to root-cause healing, especially in gut health. Judy and Dr. Martin explore a study aimed at getting published in the BMC Gastroenterology journal, focusing on the carnivore diet’s effectiveness against SIBO. Dr. Martin, a Swedish medical doctor with a Ph.D. in CNS pharmacology, shares his transition from pharmaceutical research to functional medicine, emphasizing the role of a carnivore diet in functional medicine.


The conversation also touches on various methods to treat SIBO, including antibiotics, herbal antimicrobials, water fasting, and elemental diets. However, Dr. Martin and Judy particularly highlight the carnivore diet as a less risky and more natural approach. They discuss its evolutionary logic and potential to replace the need for fiber in the diet, thanks to ketones providing butyrate to the colon.


The dialogue also covers the importance of understanding individual gut health, the skepticism around fiber necessity, and the changing perspectives on healthy diets. Both Judy and Dr. Martin advocate for open-mindedness in exploring diets like Carnivore, considering the potential inaccuracies in historical dietary advice.


Read more about the carnivore diet for SIBO study here.


Carnivore Diet for Depression and Anxiety Success Story



Watch this incredible interview where we discuss Brett Lloyd’s success story with the carnivore diet. He reports that every aspect of his life has been improved with this way of eating.


Brett, based in Jacksonville, Florida, has been on a carnivore diet for over 1500 days as of October 2022 and works as a carnivore coach and musician. He credits the diet with significantly improving his anxiety, insomnia, and major depression. The conversation covers the emotional aspects of their experiences, emphasizing the depth and seriousness of their journeys within the carnivore community and the broader context of mental health and healing.


We discuss the challenges new carnivores face, like unrealistic expectations and the overwhelming amount of varying advice online. They stress the importance of following the diet correctly, listening to trustworthy sources, and understanding that healing takes time. The dialogue also touches on the role of faith in their healing processes, with Brett emphasizing its essential nature in his journey. Brett is now also using his expertise and learning to help many others with their mental health challenges and conditions through a keto or carnivore diet.


80-Year-Old Carnivore Diet Success Story



Mary Fields is an 80-year-old thriving on an all-meat carnivore diet. Mary shares her transformative journey from struggling with various health issues like systemic candida, IBS, chronic fatigue, and depression, to finding remarkable healing through the carnivore diet. Initially skeptical, Mary embraced the diet post-hospitalization for heart issues and experienced significant improvements in eczema, blood pressure, hypoglycemia, and more.


Mary discusses the importance of mindset, especially as one ages. She emphasizes embracing aging positively, associating older years with wisdom, and a chance to enjoy life more fully. She also touches on the need to address emotional health and past traumas to achieve holistic healing.


Exercise, another key component of Mary’s routine, includes modified push-ups, squats, and regular walks. She advises older individuals to stay active in a way that suits their bodies.


Mary plans to celebrate her 80th birthday on Anna Maria Island, Florida, highlighting the joy and excitement in her life. She encourages a balanced approach to diet, enjoying a variety of meats, and listening to one’s body for cues.


The interview concludes with Mary underscoring the power of a positive attitude, self-acceptance, and finding joy in life’s later stages. Her story serves as an inspiration for embracing aging with health, vitality, and optimism.


If you’d like to learn more about Mary’s healing journey, you can watch our NwJ Interview Part 1 and NwJ Interview Part 2 with her.


Carnivore Diet for Allergies and Asthma Success Story



Ede Fox, also known as @blackcarnivore, shares her journey with the carnivore diet, the healing she experienced, and the community she has built. Ede, having struggled with weight, allergies, asthma, and eczema, found significant improvement in her health since adopting the carnivore diet in December 2017. She created her social media account, Black Carnivore, to document her journey and build a community, especially for other black individuals interested in the carnivore diet.


Ede’s transition to carnivore was driven by her interest in understanding the science behind her dietary changes. She delves into her personal struggles with metabolic diseases and how this way of eating dramatically improved her quality of life, including weight loss of 80 pounds and relief from various health issues. She also mentions the mental health benefits and the heightened sense of smell she experienced on the diet.


Furthermore, Ede discusses her coaching approach, emphasizing community support, education, and addressing the unique challenges faced by black individuals in managing metabolic diseases. She highlights the importance of addressing systemic issues and stresses unique to the black community in the context of health and diet.


We also touch upon broader issues such as the impact of racism in the carnivore community, the importance of leadership and responsibility in disseminating dietary advice, and the need for scientifically-backed, individualized approaches to diet and health. This podcast sheds light on the carnivore diet’s transformative impact on Ede’s life, the importance of community support, and the challenges of navigating health and diet issues in the context of broader societal issues.


From Plant-Based to Carnivore Diet Success Story



In this heartfelt interview, my husband and I share my journey from plant-based to a carnivore diet. We delve into my struggles with eating disorders, depression, and a severe mental breakdown. My husband Kevin, witnessing my challenges, recounts the emotional turmoil and his feelings of helplessness as he supported me through my darkest times.


Despite the struggles, we emphasize the significant role of the carnivore diet, an all-meat elimination diet, in my healing process. Kevin, initially skeptical, now firmly believes in the diet’s healing potential after observing my remarkable recovery. He shares his own apprehensions and the immense burden he felt, especially during the time I was hospitalized and lost my memory.


We also discuss the challenges we faced, including the impact on our children and their family life. My story is one of hope and resilience, demonstrating the power of dietary changes and the importance of support in overcoming severe health issues. I’m now a thriving advocate for the carnivore diet, helping others in their healing journeys.


You can learn more about my carnivore diet healing journey here.


10-Year Carnivore Diet Veteran Success Story



In this engaging interview, we speak with Amber O’Hearn, a data scientist and veteran carnivore diet advocate with over 10 years of experience. We delve into topics like the benefits of the carnivore diet, weight loss, mood disorders, and the nutritional science behind it. Amber shares her personal journey, starting with a low-carb diet and transitioning to carnivore for weight issues, which also surprisingly alleviated her mood disorder. She emphasizes the effectiveness of the carnivore diet in losing weight and maintaining health, attributing her sustained commitment to the diet to these benefits.


Amber discusses the misconceptions about needing plants in our diet, highlighting that many organs, especially the liver, provide essential nutrients that are less abundant in muscle meat. Despite this, she notes the remarkable health of long-term carnivores who don’t consume liver, suggesting a different nutrient interaction in a meat-based diet. She also touches on the topic of vitamin C, debunking the myth of its high necessity in diets with low glucose competition, and brings attention to the role of uric acid in our bodies as an antioxidant.


The conversation shifts to CarnivoreCon, an event Amber founded, discussing its expansion and what to expect in its upcoming iteration. Finally, Amber offers advice for those considering the carnivore diet, advocating a clean and simple approach to see its benefits, and encouraging listening to one’s body for dietary needs.


You can follow Amber on Twitter and read more about her journey here and here.


11-Year Carnivore Doctor’s Healing Journey



We talk with a seasoned carnivore doctor who has been following the diet for 11 years. Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, an optometric physician, shares her journey from battling carb addiction and eating disorders to embracing the carnivore lifestyle. She discusses how the diet has not only helped her maintain a healthy weight but also significantly improved her overall health, including clearing up acne and abdominal issues.


The interview sheds light on the doctor’s professional perspective, particularly how she subtly educates her diabetic patients about the benefits of controlling blood sugar through diet. Despite the challenges of adhering to standard medical practices, she finds ways to guide those willing to listen toward healthier eating habits.


Dr. Wiedeman also touches on the importance of community and support in maintaining this diet, emphasizing the need for a strong motivating factor and consistent communication with others who share the journey. She addresses common misconceptions about the diet, like the necessity of eating nose-to-tail or only consuming grass-fed meat, and stresses the simplicity and affordability of the carnivore diet.


Concluding the conversation, she reflects on the challenges of sharing this unconventional diet in her personal and professional life and expresses her enthusiasm for helping others discover the benefits of carnivore eating.


You can follow along with Dr. Wiedeman’s journey here.


Carnivore Diet and CIRS Military Veteran Healing Journey



In this informative and extensive interview, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Philip Meece, the founder of Carnivore Bar. Our conversation delves into various aspects of nutrition, the carnivore diet, and the creation and significance of the Carnivore Bar, particularly for those requiring high-fat, nutrient-dense diets.


Philip shares his journey from being a combat medic in the U.S. Army to creating the Carnivore Bar. He talks about the challenges soldiers face with nutrition and the adverse effects of the provided military diets, highlighting the dire need for nutritious, portable, and stable food options in challenging environments.


The conversation then shifts to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and its implications. Philip discusses his own health struggles and how the carnivore diet, while significantly beneficial, wasn’t entirely sufficient due to underlying issues like CIRS. Judy emphasizes the importance of considering environmental factors and potential illnesses like CIRS for individuals who don’t fully recover on a carnivore diet.


They discuss the challenges of ensuring nutrient density in foods, with Philip explaining the rigorous process behind ensuring the Carnivore Bar retains its nutritional value and purity. The discussion also touches on the broader implications of current dietary trends, the demonization of meat, and the critical role of meat in human nutrition. We express concerns about the decreasing number of young farmers and the potential threats to meat accessibility and advocate for supporting local farmers and understanding the complete ecosystem of food production.


Philip’s efforts to provide a healthy, portable food option not just for himself but for others in need, like soldiers and those in restrictive environments, are highlighted as a testament to the product’s integrity and purpose.


In summary, this interview provides a comprehensive look into the principles and practicalities of the carnivore diet, the challenges in providing nutrient-dense, portable food, and the importance of understanding one’s health and environment holistically. The Carnivore Bar emerges as a product born out of necessity and a deep understanding of these factors, offering a valuable option for those seeking high-quality, meat-based nutrition.


Closing Thoughts On Carnivore Diet Before and After Success Stories

The carnivore diet, characterized by its exclusive focus on animal-based foods, has emerged as a significant dietary approach, particularly for individuals seeking relief from chronic health issues. Through various discussions and success stories, it’s evident that this diet can offer remarkable health benefits. Many individuals report improvements in digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, mental health, and overall energy levels. The elimination of plant-based foods seems to reduce inflammation and allergic reactions, leading to enhanced well-being and sometimes even complete remission of chronic ailments.


However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the carnivore diet may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. While many experience transformative results, others might find the diet doesn’t offer root-cause healing but rather supports the journey toward this goal. Certain conditions such as mold illness will require additional treatment protocols in tandem with the carnivore diet for effective healing. Carnivore diet before and after success stories often highlight the importance of personalization and listening to one’s body. Factors like food quality, individual health history, and environmental influences play a crucial role in determining the diet’s effectiveness.


Moreover, the carnivore diet presents a fascinating approach to nutrition, warranting further exploration and research to fully understand its long-term implications and potential in the realm of health and wellness.


Work With Our Trusted Carnivore Diet Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

The Nutrition with Judy practice is honored to be a trusted carnivore diet practitioner support serving clients from around the globe. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve root-cause healing in order to lead the best quality of life possible that’s nearly symptom-free. Our team is dedicated to educating our community about the incredible benefits of the carnivore diet. We welcome you to explore our free resources and are always available to support you through personalized protocols. Our Symptom Burden Assessment (SBA) is the perfect starting point for discovering your root cause and is required to work with our team— you can learn more in-depth about this powerful tool here.

Start your root-cause healing journey today and contact us any time with any questions or concerns.


DISCLAIMER: This content is for educational purposes only. While we are board-certified in holistic nutrition and are nutritional therapy practitioners, we are not providing medical advice. Whenever you start a new diet or protocol, always consult with your trusted practitioner first.

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