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We Have the Right to Choose What’s Best for Our Health

health autonomy

We Have the Right to Choose What’s Best for Our Health

health autonomy

Original Publish Date: 9/18/21


This week on social media, I shared some reasons to do your own due diligence before getting the COVID-19 vaccine. And while many were supportive of my thoughts, some were upset that the sentiment was anti-vaccine. 


To be clear, I never said people should or should not get the Covid-19 vaccination. 


Are there injuries with the vaccination? Yes. Are there people who are being saved from dying from COVID-19, especially those with severe comorbidities? Yes


Getting the vaccine (if you haven’t already) is a very personal decision people need to make on their own and my post was to share that:


  1. Don’t just blindly adhere. There will always be some people who will have adverse effects on diets (vegan), medications, and vaccines. You have to do the research to see how ____ will affect you. 
  2. We should have the ultimate choice with what we do with our bodies and our children’s bodies.
  3. This 5-min Forbes video clip stated my POV, oh so well.  


When someone writes that my words are risking people’s lives, it’s the same narrative that vegans say to me when I share about meat. (You can see what I wrote in the social media share section). 


I spent weeks doing research for this extensive COVID + vaccine research article. I would hope that if you follow my content, you know that I’d never put information out there, haphazardly risking people’s lives. 


My posts take a lot of time and effort. It’s not something I take lightly. 


There’s an expert roundtable that has some of the greatest experts in the field who share who should and who shouldn’t get the vaccine (in their expert opinion). I have a PDF of a written summary so if you want the summary instead, you can email me and I’ll send you a copy (the original video has been taken down). 


History Repeats Itself

pfizer fda


They say history repeats itself.



And those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Given FDA’s past (and very recent) history:
⚠️ They’ve been wrong with chemicals and drugs
⚠️ They likely sided with Johnson & Johnson instead of the health of the people for decades (regarding J&J’s baby powder)
⚠️ They may have a conflict of interest (Pfizer-FDA relationship)


📖And in @CarnivoreCure you can read about the battle for food dyes and GMO chemicals (glyphosate).

📌So no, I don’t fully trust the FDA to have my or my children’s best interest at heart.

👩👦👦This isn’t about me staying in my lane. Since the POTUS took a stand on what parents should do with their children, I’m taking a stand as a mother for her children (and frankly, for all children).

🔎 Based on my research as a mother, we should all have the right to choose if we want to participate in this experimental medicine (only one recently FDA-approved.)

⚖️Good or bad, let the individual people and families decide. People should not be fearful and threatened to do things or get things taken away.


🌟We all want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. And we should have the right to be allowed to make the decision for what IS best, per individual, child, and family.


👣We all want this pandemic to end. But this isn’t it.


Every abusive relationship starts by giving in a little.














In health,


Nutrition with Judy

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