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Mindfulness Training for Pain Modulation

mindfulness training pain modulation

Mindfulness Training for Pain Modulation

mindfulness training pain modulation

Original Publish Date: 8/6/22


A study was done on mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training. 


The group that used MBSR training showed a significant decrease in Neurological Pain Structures (NPS)


“Mindfulness training showed associations with pain reduction that implicate differing neural pathways depending on the extent and context of practice. Use of neural pain signatures in randomized trials offers promise for guiding the application of mindfulness interventions to pain treatment.” (Source


We have seen a lot of healing with clients who use adjunct mindfulness training in their nutritional protocols. Training such as Limbic System Retraining (DNRS, Gupta) or Somatic Training shows remarkable improvements in the way our clients see the world and their surroundings. 


It’s good to become our own advocate in health but sometimes we can tip to an extreme and cause obsessive-compulsive thoughts that actually make us worse. 


Here are some recommendations I share with my clients. These modalities help but I’ve seen the greatest benefits when my clients work with a DNRS or other mindfulness specialist. 


You can see how our bodies overreact with too much information: 

Watch this: https://youtu.be/gsERY5rV1W8


This is a perfect video of why I don’t like dogmatic, overly perfect-advocates in the wellness space. We’re not considering the level of stress we take in by trying to eat the highest quality meats, dodging every bit of seed oils, and reducing all plastic and toxins from every single thing we’re exposed to. 


We need to live our lives and being overly fearful does not do our mind-body any good. 


The truth is that sometimes our journey in healing is to learn to let go of control


Mind-Body Book Recommendations


Mind-Body Resources

NwJ is launching our own Mind-Body Program – stay tuned.



Breathing Exercises

Keep the Mind Busy

  • Force the body not to stress by forcing the brain to redirect (and not be focused on stressors)
  • Use your left hand when eating (assuming you are right-hand dominant)
  • Cut with the non-dominant hand
  • Put your clothes on with the non-dominant hand
  • Change the thinking pattern and don’t focus on fear
  • Stop chatter (any negative thinking, redirect thoughts)
  • Get off social media!


Self-Care Tips

  • Sauna
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Red light therapy
  • Sleep
  • Reducing EMF exposure
  • Gratitude journal
  • Watching sunrise (following circadian rhythm)
  • Trampoline and rebounder (lymph support)


In health,


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