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Microblog: Without Reducing Stressors, No Diet Will Work Fully

Microblog: Without Reducing Stressors, No Diet Will Work Fully

Many of my clients heal their gut and start to tolerate more foods. Many start to sleep through the night. But sometimes they regress because they don’t manage their lifestyle stressors.

🔥Our adrenals release cortisol whenever the body is stressed. It is normal to have acute moments of releasing cortisol.

But chronic cortisol output is never a good thing:
⚠️Adrenals prioritize cortisol output

⚠️Sleep issues (increased cortisol output in the middle of the night)

⚠️Blood sugar imbalances

⚠️Sluggish thyroid

⚠️Weight gain

⚠️Mineral imbalances (e.g., high calcium retention)

🤕When we have excess calcium in the body, we can feel joint and back pain—a hard mineral being lodged in tissues where it doesn’t belong.

🦴Excess calcium in the tissues is rarely due to too much calcium in the diet. (supplementing calcium is different and rarely recommended).

⚖️It’s because our adrenals often are trying to balance cortisol levels but these adrenals also manage our sodium via the aldosterone hormone.

🧂And when there’s an imbalance in sodium levels, the body tries to correct with potassium. And then calcium and magnesium become imbalanced if stress is not corrected.

🩸The constant tax on the adrenals will lead to blood pressure imbalances.

💡You may be sensitive to salt because your adrenals are taxed and not because you can’t tolerate sodium.

Always get to root cause.

🥜The first step in managing stressors is to remove toxic foods that wreak havoc on the gut and immune system. This will lower the need for cortisol.

⛑Healing the body will lower the overall internal demand for cortisol.

🧘🏻‍♀️The next step is to reduce stress. Now more than ever, we must practice deep breathing, meditation, tapping, and time in therapy. (Even sleep can improve.)

💡If we don’t get to the root cause of managing our stressors and handling our internal thoughts and reactions, we will never have optimal health.

🏝We need cortisol but chronic cortisol does a body bad. Reducing stressors should always be a priority— your health depends on it.




Image Source: Adverse effects of pollution on mental health: the stress hypothesis – Scientific Figure on ResearchGate

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