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Microblog: Why Some Women Have Horrible Perimenopause?

Microblog: Why Some Women Have Horrible Perimenopause?

@carnivorecure excerpt: Do you wonder why some women have horrible perimenopause?

📞During perimenopause, the adrenal glands take over the main production of estrogen from the ovaries. The adrenals are part of the endocrine system that is responsible for managing all hormones and their communications.

🏃🏻‍♀️Ideally when the shift happens, the adrenals are in good function. If women are suffering from blood sugar handling issues, the perimenopause period will be difficult. Imagine a relay race and the ovaries are done with their lap and now passing the baton to the adrenals to now make estrogen.

🥵If the adrenals are not in a condition to take over making estrogen, the adrenals will suffer even more.

⁉️So what causes adrenals to be in less than ideal conditions?

Sugars, stress, etc. If we overconsume carbs, we need more insulin. Over time, we become insulin resistant. So enter the adrenals to help out. The adrenals pump out cortisol and epinephrine to shuttle away the sugars in what our body considers to be an emergency state.

🚨With the constant use of our adrenals flight-fight, chronic inflammation, and chronic stress, our adrenals will become hormonal-resistant. There are certain hormones that will get shuttled to create cortisol for survival instead of using these precursor hormones (pregnenolone) for sex hormones.⠀

♨️This is why supplementing with cortisol, pregnenolone, or progesterone when the cause is high, chronic stress, (and increased cortisol production), can be a greater tax to the already exhausted body.⠀

🥵Imagine having these taxed adrenals now make estrogen during menopause (with the ovaries retiring). Hot flashes during menopause is no different of a bodily reaction than when making a public speech. The sweating (due to stress) is the same response from the body.

Giving exogenous estrogen may be a bandaid but it’s often not the root-cause answer. Giving estrogen to women with insulin resistance may increase already high testosterone levels.⠀

🥩Reducing processed carbs, sugars and stress can begin to lessen perimenopause symptoms and get to root cause.

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