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Microblog: Why Fat Is the Ideal Macro When Cutting

Microblog: Why Fat Is the Ideal Macro When Cutting

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Every diet has ebbs and flows. Nowadays, it’s lean protein.

🔊“If you have fat on your body, you don’t need added fat.”

🚨This statement is so far from the truth. (Sorry.)

🍽 Most obese people struggle to tap into their fat stores because their insulin is so high. They are extremely insulin resistant which causes them to be hungry all the time.

🍩Carbs have the most insulinogenic effect but protein has some too, especially if no fuel source of fat or carbs are included.

🔥To lose weight, we need to stop eating all the time and get the insulin to come down. One way to do that is fatty cuts of meat with a little extra fat for satiety.

🥩Think fatty ribeye + butter.

🏆Fat + protein keeps you satiated for longer. Adequate protein gives you the building blocks for the body while fat gives you the energy from fatty acids.

🥀Protein alone is more catabolic (breaks down muscle) than fat with protein meals (especially if lean protein meals are insufficient calories).

Here are other reasons why I recommend higher fat carnivore:
🔥More ketone production (correlated with better energy)

🔥Support for steroid hormones (sex hormones that are created from cholesterol) and thyroid function. Without good adrenal and hormone function, your thyroid will not thrive.

🔥Improved mental health. The brain is a very energy-demanding organ. Fatty acids and ketones do a brain good.

🔥Longer-term satiety. Higher fat carnivore can set you up for improved leptin/ghrelin signaling. You don’t need to eat around the clock which causes higher levels of insulin.

❤️‍🔥The body needs to heal before it can lose weight.

🦐Jumping into carnivore with lean proteins will keep you ravenous and undereating. (chicken thighs, shrimp, lean beef cuts (85/15)

🧩Sure it can help with weight loss (from undereating).
But it’s not a sustainable tool long term.

❓Even if you did PSMF 2x a week, do you plan to do that until the age of 90?

⏰Fad diets help you lose weight for awhile but the detriments to the body long term are not ideal. (Slow metabolism and nutrient deficiencies)

🏋🏻‍♀️For physical competitions, @ketosavage says high fat is the way to go. Sorry bro science and chicken breasts.

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