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Microblog: Truths about the Plant Kingdom

Microblog: Truths about the Plant Kingdom

@CarnivoreCure excerpt:
We know the importance of the body’s availability to absorb and assimilate nutrients. Plant-based foods don’t digest and absorb well.


Plant Anti-Nutrients

🍃In terms of antinutrients, yes, plants can have a lot of micronutrients. However, due to plants’ ANTI-nutrients, the micronutrients are often not absorbed. You basically poop out the benefits of the vegetable OR the toxins get lodged in your body where they shouldn’t.

🎃Now if antinutrients only bound up nutrients from the plant food itself, fine. But plant foods bind with all minerals and enzymes. Let’s use lectins as an example.

🍆Lectins interfere with the absorption of calcium, iron, phosphorous, and zinc. Lectins are notorious for surviving GI tract digestion. They can then penetrate the cell lining in the digestive tract and cause damage to gut epithelial cells, change bacterial flora and trigger autoimmune reactions.

🥒Lectins are high in grains and in squash, pumpkins, and zucchini. If you remove the skin and all seeds, then the lectin count is reduced. I’ll skip the zucchini then pick out every single seed.

🔒If you eat steak with squash, you’re probably not absorbing calcium, iron, phosphorous, and zinc. Zinc: a mineral you need to make stomach acid to absorb and assimilate nutrients.

I’ll leave you with two thoughts: ⠀
1️⃣Survival of the fittest: Plants don’t live for our benefit. They don’t want to be eaten and have protective mechanisms for survival (toxins). The plants that didn’t protect themselves are no longer around. Then are we eating the most toxic plants?⠀

2️⃣Have you ever tried feeding a toddler? We praise kids for their natural ability to intuitively eat. I’ve never met a child who naturally liked vegetables. To be fair, they don’t always like meat but it’s typically due to texture.

🥦With veggies, you have to trick kids into eating them. Kids eventually are conditioned to eat vegetables as they slowly lose their ability to listen to their bodies.⠀

👦🏻If we should trust our children’s natural intuitive abilities with foods, should we be eating vegetables? Maybe our kids got it right all along, maybe they don’t like vegetables because we aren’t supposed to be eating them.✌🏼

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