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Microblog: Meat vs. Plant – The Bioavailability

Microblog: Meat vs. Plant – The Bioavailability

Understanding bioavailability is so important when we talk about plant-based foods. It’s so important that in @CarnivoreCure, I have a whole section on protein digestibility.

💧It doesn’t matter if you source your from the finest soils if your body can’t break down the food and absorb or assimilate the nutrients.

The Importance of Bioavailability for Foods and Nutrition

🥕For example, we may think eating raw vegetables is good to have the maximum amount of nutrients in these foods. But raw vegetables and fruits are very hard on the digestive system. The body has a hard time breaking down these foods. All of a sudden, these foods that should give us nutrition are causing digestive breakdown issues.

🥦So if you decide to eat vegetables, make sure to properly prepare them (a chapter on that in @CarnivoreCure as well).

🔋 Bioavailability is defined as the extent to which nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by the body.⠀

🥩 Nutrients are more bioavailable in meat than plants. That is why on a carnivore diet (once transitioned), there is less waste. Your body just absorbs the nutrients from meats efficiently.⠀

⚠️Soybean has closer bioavailability to meat but soybean has phytic acid which interferes with protein absorption, as well as heaps of estrogen. And don’t forget the toxins from GMO herbicides (also in @CarnivoreCure).

🏋🏻‍♀️ In terms of iron, in animal foods, iron is often attached to proteins called heme proteins, and referred to as heme iron. In plant foods, iron is not attached to heme proteins and is classified as non-heme iron. Heme iron is typically absorbed at a rate of 7-35%. Non-heme iron is typically absorbed at a rate of 2-20%.⠀

🍃Spinach is not your friend. I’ll discuss antinutrients tomorrow but spinach has non-heme iron and so most of the iron is not absorbed. I suspect that Popeye was dishonest.

🥩 Eat unprocessed meat. You will nourish your body more effectively than any other food.


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