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Microblog: Think of Your Stomach Like a Gas Tank Signaling Hunger and Fullness

Microblog: Think of Your Stomach Like a Gas Tank Signaling Hunger and Fullness

I always say to listen to our bodies and practice mindful eating and intuitive eating. What does that mean?

🙏🏼Take time for prayer, breathe. Get into a parasympathetic state to start the digestive process.

🤔Take a note of your hunger. The ideal is to eat when you are between 3 (Slight Hunger) and 4 (Neutral). You should ideally stop eating when you are at a 5 (Content) or 6 (Full). Warning signs are 2 (Hungry) and 7 (Slightly Uncomfortable).

🎯This takes practice. Before you begin eating, think about how hungry you are.

🥩Then eat.

🦷Chew your food and be mindful. Be present with your food. How does your food taste? Ideally chewing 30x per bite is ideal. Yes. 30X. The smaller you breakdown your food, the easier on your digestive system.

🔎How does the steak taste? Taste the flavors. Be present with your food.

👂🏻Listen to your stomach. Are you done with the beef but can eat some cheese or bacon? Maybe it’s a signal that you’re done.

📖I have a supplemental bonus mindful eating sheet that comes with @CarnivoreCure.

🤕Because of my past with a crippling eating disorder, I absolutely think it’s imperative to work on our relationship with food (and very sensitive to struggles with disordered eating).

🍬Sugar and processed foods are physically and mentally addicting. I dedicated a whole chapter in Carnivore Cure about the topic. (Ch 3).

💡Focus on healing and find the personalized carnivore for you. After all, there is no trophy for being the “perfect” carnivore. None.

⛑We must always learn the triggers and deep-rooted areas that may cause us to turn to food.

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