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Microblog: The Role of Water – It Supports the Body’s Natural Healing Process

Microblog: The Role of Water – It Supports the Body’s Natural Healing Process

The body can produce about 8% of its daily water needs through metabolic processes. The remaining 92% must be ingested.

💧Even though the amount and distribution of water is regulated within the body, water cannot be stored, making daily consumption of water essential for a healthy body.

💦The total volume of fluids ingested or secreted into the GI tract is about 9.3 liters (close to 10 quarts). Most of the water in these fluids is absorbed from the GI tract through osmosis. (passage of water through a membrane)

💩About 8.3 liters of water is absorbed in the small intestine. About 0.9 liters is absorbed in the large intestine. The rest is excreted in feces.

⚡️Water depends on electrolytes (and good gut health) for proper absorption. Electrolytes are minerals that become capable of conducting electricity when dissolved in water.


📨In my blog post, I talk about the recommended water intake. You can find it here: https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/the-importance-of-water/

👩‍⚕️There are general recommendations for daily water consumption based on your weight and activity. But always trust your body.

⛑I do think carnivores should keep an eye on hydration levels because even though meat contains water, it’s not as much as fruits and vegetables.

Water is so critical for proper bodily function.

💡Try starting the day with proper hydration by starting the morning with 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of sole water (maybe even some potassium) with filtered water and end the day with topical magnesium spray at night.

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