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Microblog: Stress on the Body – Short-Term and Long-Term Stress Response

Microblog: Stress on the Body – Short-Term and Long-Term Stress Response

We all KNOW that stress is BAD.

🚨But do you REALLY know HOW bad it is?

🎙This is why @lauraespath and I talk about STRESS on our 2nd episode of Cutting Against the Grain.

🧨One common theme I see with my clients is that they’re willing to work on the diet but stress is often excused to, “well I can’t really do anything about that stress.”

But we can.

And we must.

💣The way we perceive stress and manage stress is EXTREMELY important.

🗄Internal scripts and the way we process stressors will highly affect the way things affect our body and how the body handles the stress load.

🧠If you see the way that the brain perceives stress and then dumps out hormones (and all the consequential events that happen), we must do all we can to manage stress.

If you don’t, your body will suffer.

⚠️If you have issues managing electrolytes and minerals on a meat-based or low carb diet, it may be stress.

⚠️If your heart rate is all over the place and you can’t manage your blood pressure, it may be the stress. (Can we stop blaming salt, already?)

🧂Salt IS JUST like cholesterol. It is wrongfully blamed for health conditions. We blame cholesterol for heart disease but it’s just guilty by association.

⛑Cholesterol is used by the body to help FIX inflammation. So if there’s inflammation, cholesterol will be there—TRYING to put out the flames.

❗️Similar thinking for salt. The mineralocorticoid hormones released from the adrenals will decide how much salt to use to manage stress.

⛑Salt is being used to MANAGE the stress load.


⚠️If you’re always sick or reacting to everything even on a meat-based diet, 1) heal the gut and 2) check if it’s stress.

❗️Stress causes gut permeability.
❗️Gut permeability causes lack of nutrient absorption.
❗️Lack of nutrient absorption causes illness.

🥩Even if you eat the HIGHEST quality meats, you won’t be absorbing much with gut permeability. Instead of STRESSING over a perfect diet, manage stress.

🔥If you live in your illness, if you’re seeing the world half-empty, you’re causing stress in the body.

I hope this carousel of graphics shows you why.

♥️ Try running down the street (listen to podcast)








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