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Microblog: The Many Benefits of Sardines

Microblog: The Many Benefits of Sardines

Sardines are high in omega 3s. I’ve seen clients heal with quality fish oils. Not all fish oils are rancid. (see @CarnivoreCure’s pg. 184’s DID YOU KNOW) Just don’t buy the ethyl ester forms.

🔆Sardines are high in vitamin D3 and E. If you’re worried about PUFAs in fish, you have the vitamin Es in sardines to offset the PUFAs.

Funny how nature does its own balancing when we just let it be.

🐟Sardines are low in mercury as they’re smaller in size. It’s said that skinless and boneless have 50% less mercury than with the bones intact. I seek the ones with bones for the calcium. Figure out what makes sense for you.

🧀Sardines are a better source of calcium than dairy, especially pasteurized dairy. If you eat only meat, you should be eating sardines with its high content of calcium, vitamin D and fats.

No other food may give you better bone health.

🦋They’re also rich in magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, iodine and zinc.

Yes, all the nutrients to support thyroid and endocrine health.

🧬Sardines are rich in CoQ10 which is required for energy production in the cells and for brain and heart health. They are also rich in RNA and DNA that can help rebuild and nourish our bodies.

⚠️Sardines are mostly wild and yes, I eat canned sardines often. There’s a risk of BPA toxicity (the plastic lining all cans) but I drink less canned sparkling waters and other canned foods. I also buy sardines in glass containers.

But my cleaner running body should handle the canned sardines.

💊Vitamin D3 in canned sardines is about 2,000 IU. If you eat it 4x a week, that’s 8,000 IU of natural vitamin D.

⛑Eat $3 wild sardines a few times a week. (You can also eat fatty salmon). You can save on the vitamin D and fish oil supplementation.

💡I eat sardines from the can/glass. I don’t cook them so I don’t risk oxidizing the olive oil. You can get ones in water and scramble them with eggs (add cod liver next!). Some add cream cheese and hot sauce.

As a carnivore we aren’t rushing to eat sardines. But eat it as nature’s supplement. Every single cell’s outer layer in the body will thank you for it.

👉🏼If you have histamine sensitivities, you may need to hold off until you heal the gut.




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