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Microblog: Fat Breakdown of Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats

Microblog: Fat Breakdown of Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats

If you’re part of the NwJ Newsletter, you know I’m working on @CarnivoreCure’s audiobook between client sessions.

📖As I was reading through CH 8, I fell into a table that I thought may FINALLY put the whole PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) fear to rest.

🐓There IS a higher amount of PUFAs in chicken fat. But I doubt it’s the primary driver that’s causing carnivores to hold onto weight. In fact, most of my client’s barely eat chicken.

🐖TBH Pork is a non-issue. The data for PUFA fears in pork is frankly a bit reaching. Pork is BARELY higher in PUFAs than beef. 2% or 1% less PUFAs than beef.

💰Pork is the richest food in thiamine (B1) and you need B1 to break down foods to PROMOTE energy production.

🥜The bigger issue is the vegetable oils. These oils are not only higher in PUFAs that may make us fat (jury’s still out) but they are highly oxidized and rancid.

⚠️Simply put vegetable oils cause injury to our cells and promote disease.

‼️Even if chickens are higher in PUFAs, the fat is not oxidized and rancid. (If you buy rendered chicken fat, it may be a different story—try to process your own animal fats)

🧬The truth is every cell wall of our TRILLIONS of cells are made up of phospholipids (FAT) and they NEED a VARIETY of fats. There is a reason nature made fats in varying fat compositions.

🦠The health of the cell wall determines the good stuff in AND out of cells. Compromised cells will have compromised walls, which ultimately cause harm to cells and malfunction.

🧫And what determines the fluidity/rigidity of these trillions of cell walls?

🌈The composition of fatty acids of which the cell wall is made (saturated, poly, mono).

❗️Don’t just eat saturated fats. Too much saturated fat can stir up endotoxins and then be reabsorbed. (see podcast interview on coconut oil)

I love beef but I eat a lot of seafood and pork. (see stories for my cioppino dinner)

💣When we remove pork fat because of the PUFAs, we risk missing out on nutrients such as thiamine, vitamin C, and vitamin E. You may be winning the battle but losing the war.

⛑Eat a carnivore variety. It’s what nature intended.

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