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Microblog: The Carnivore Diet – The Many Benefits of an Animal-Based Diet

Microblog: The Carnivore Diet – The Many Benefits of an Animal-Based Diet

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I learned to make graphics during my management consulting days. I studied Psychology at UC Berkeley which helped me to understand studies and people.

🤒I’ve also been through eating disorder treatment and very much know the subpar recommendations for therapy + meds + dietetic support.

👩🏻‍🏫I also am a nutritional therapy practitioner, about to sit for my board certification in holistic nutrition. I leverage everything to provide community content and how I wrote @CarnivoreCure.⠀

⛑Carnivore helped me heal and I want to give back so that no one has to go through what I did. Disordered eating and mental health issues are debilitating. Even getting out of bed is a feat.

🌟 And so I share. Because, sometimes, there is so much power in simplistic graphics.⠀

📊 And the science in my graphics is what provides evidence to WHY meat does heal.

Why it helped me heal.

🥩For many of you that are new to the Carnivore diet or have had a hard time sticking to a meat-based diet, I have a carnivore beginner’s guide with 65+ pages of infographics.

Most of these graphics are not in @CarnivoreCure.

🔗You can get the beginner’s guide at https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/how-to-start-the-carnivore-diet/.

🐄 I hope my infographics help make it easier to share the simple but incredibly powerful way of eating (and thriving) that is Carnivore.

📚AND if you like these, @CarnivoreCure goes much more in-depth to help you personalize and fine-tune Carnivore for the long term.


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