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Microblog: Supporting Our U.S. Farmers through Direct Purchasing

Microblog: Supporting Our U.S. Farmers through Direct Purchasing

Our family took a quick road trip to pick up our quarter grass-finished steer.

💰Simply put, for every dollar you spend on grocery store meat, you support the larger supply chain of the many thousand farmers and their families across the U.S.

▪️But that specific supply chain puts less money in the pockets of our (literal) local farmer.

▪️But if we ONLY bought from our local farmer, then farmers in small communities would be left with excess animals that they couldn’t sell. Over time, we would have fewer farmers and ranchers.

And that would ultimately mean less supply.

🥀And once you have less supply (with the same demand), you will see increasing meat prices. It’s a lose lose situation.

⛑Our family happily buys both from the grocery store AND from our local farmers.

👨🏼‍🌾We’ve been going to the same raw goat’s milk and egg farmer for 6 years. And while he’s about to retire, I’m grateful for our time and experience going monthly to the farm.

🐂We also reserve quarter steers. I never ask for discounts because I know it’s hard labor. I’ll never be a farmer and so I’m EXTREMELY thankful for our wonderful neighbors that raise nutrient-dense food for my family.

♥️When you feed my kids, you have a fan for life.

🧑‍🌾@halokcattle is run by a veteran and they use a processor to package my meat in the size, count and cut the way I wanted. If you live in the Austin area, I recommend checking them out.

🥰I get giddy when I have a chest freezer full of meat. (my freezer is 7-8 cu ft. and comfortably stores a quarter steer).

🌟And if you think grass-finished is pricey, we paid about $5/lb. That included ribeyes, oxtail, knucklebones, and every other cut you can think of.

I’m so simple that they turned a lot of the meat to ground beef for me.

✖️I declined the liver and kidneys (risk of hypervitaminosis).

🛒We also went to our local grocery store and got spareribs on sale ($1.97/lb) and NY Strips ($5.77/lb).

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Never take your meat for granted. For every meat, there’s a story of an animal that feeds a family.




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