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Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @tiffany.r.davis⠀

Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @tiffany.r.davis⠀

On Sundays, I spotlight one of your inspirational carnivore stories to share with the community.⠀


Carnivore Diet Success Story

🔦Spotlight Sunday is with @tiffany.r.davis


🥩ALOPECIA: I was wearing wigs when I started the carnivore diet in January 2019. My hair came back and came in curly! Now I’m not saying it’s thick like it was when I was a kid, but I get a trim every 6 weeks now!⠀

🥩OBSESSIVE FOOD THOUGHTS: I am not constantly thinking about my next meal. Even during the keto diet, I often obsessed about my meals, snacks, macros, tracking, etc. Carnivore has released me from all of that! I eat much more intuitively now.⠀


3 Tips for Starting the Carnivore Diet

1️⃣COMMUNITY: Online and/or in-person community is essential. We need the support in a world that sees our way of eating as strange. Finding connection, accountability, and understanding for this way of eating can really help with getting started and staying consistent.⠀

2️⃣EAT WHAT YOU LIKE: I prefer steak, but if you don’t then eat ground beef. Change things up with a side of shrimp or other seafood. Don’t like chicken? Don’t eat it! Eat whatever meats and animal sources you can to make this a sustainable, long-term change. ⠀

3️⃣EAT THE BEST YOUR BUDGET ALLOWS: Grass-fed is amazing but it isn’t essential. Do the best with what your personal finances allow. Shop sales, stock up when you can, and don’t sweat the Carnivore police. Many people have healed from eating conventional meats and even less-ideal processed meats. Striving for perfection can harm your mental health – eat what’s best available in your budget.⠀


🐄Some say these are just anecdotal stories. I say, maybe. If you have physical and mental symptoms, try it. Worse case, you can always go back to your current diet. Or you may just join our carnivore tribe and be part of the “not- valid-science,” body of anecdotal stories that #meatheals

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