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Microblog: The Fundamental Truths About the Virus

Microblog: The Fundamental Truths About the Virus

Depending on what “news” source I listened to last, my thoughts and feelings change. But what doesn’t change is that the way we’re living isn’t working.⠀

😷The no. 1 comorbidity with COVID-19 is diabetes. (2nd is hypertension). If it wasn’t ever clear before, we can take diabetic medications all day long but we can’t out-beat diabetes. If these drugs never existed, maybe people would be forced to change their diets and heal. Getting to the root cause has never been as dire.⠀

🏳️You win, Bill Gates, et al 😓.⠀

💰This disease (and its economic impacts) is targeting the poor. Didn’t catch the virus? Well here’s some bonus economic strain. Ever heard about family strife being about money?⠀

💊People are keen on immune support supplements. Let’s focus on diet. Yes, stress makes us crave energy foods (read: sugar). Being home with a fully stocked kitchen doesn’t help.⠀

🥩If you’ve been on a carnivore diet and now struggling, figure out if you have coping tools in place. No diet can out-beat using food as a coping mechanism or escape.⠀


But there’s also SO MUCH GOOD:⠀

🐶Dog adoptions are at an all-time high. Shelters are empty. When we slow down, we go back to our core of being about community and love.⠀

💨Air pollution has improved. Maybe it wasn’t the methane cow farts after all.⠀

🧮Board games are having a comeback. We are being present (even if for a moment) and spending quality time with our loved ones.

☀️Families are walking outside. We are getting movement & vitamin D. So much so that bike sales have surged.

👫🏻We are doing all we can to have connection. We get cabin fever because we crave community & the ability to touch and trust others. We are empathetic beings who want to stay in shelter for those who are at risk.⠀

🥀But we struggle with staying indoors, watching the economy decline, and most of all, being mandated to do things like be isolated and forced closures. In the future will we lose freedom with biometrics, our private data, and vaccines?

⚠️Fear breeds compliance. But hope squelches fear. As Rosa Park said, “Stand for something or you will fall for anything.”⠀


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