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Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @ms.grace⠀

Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @ms.grace⠀

On Sundays, I spotlight one of your inspirational carnivore stories to share with the community.⠀

🔦Spotlight Sunday is with @ms.grace

I was keto for a year before making the switch to carnivore. On keto I lost 25 lbs and started feeling more confident and comfortable in my own skin. However, I was still a slave to food, and a slave to the scale. I was still counting calories, still craving sweets, and would binge on crappy sugar-filled foods every so often, then falling into the cycle of trying to work out more to cancel out the binge.⠀

🥩CRAVINGS: Going carnivore has FINALLY killed my cravings. I thought I would be bound to my cravings forever – always wanting a hit of that next rush. Now I just crave meat. The fact that I can say no to free donuts at work is huge for me.⠀

🥩CHRONIC FATIGUE: I’ve always been known as the girl that falls asleep everywhere – in class and at work, in the middle of a conversation, you name it. I had anxiety the night before work meetings, because I knew falling sleep in that meeting was inevitable. When I went carnivore, I had sustained energy throughout the day.⠀

🥩BINGE EATING: This is THE biggest win for me. My binge eating started in high school, and I remember having to lie about why I was eating so much. “I’m just so hungry these days!” was my go-to excuse. I would hide wrappers and take out the garbage first so no one would see the crap I ate. It feels so good to not be thinking about food all the time, eating in secret, or hiding anything. This truly was a cycle I never thought I would be able to get out of.⠀

1️⃣KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t overthink it – eat the meats you feel good on and the meats you can afford.⠀

2️⃣Play with FAT/PROTEIN RATIOS, and take notes on how you feel. Everyone is different, so someone’s fat/protein ratio may not work for you.⠀

3️⃣DON’T FOCUS ON THE SCALE, especially if you have lots of healing to do. Focus on the NSVs – the non-scale victories. Not craving sweets? That’s a win. Less bloating? That’s a win. Able to walk longer without being out of breath? That’s a win.

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