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Microblog: Reading Food Labels – If You Don’t Know What it Is, Limit Consumption

It’s impossible to eat clean all the time. That’s okay. Our body should have the resiliency to eat less than ideal foods once in a while.

📖Masking symptoms by limiting food options is a band-aid. That’s why in @CarnivoreCure’s elimination protocol, by week 4 or 5, you are back to trying meat-based foods that you couldn’t tolerate during the earlier weeks.

⛑Healing the gut and eating real foods helps us to tolerate more foods over time. The body becomes more resilient.

🥩But most days, we should try to eat better foods. Food is fuel and the fuel you put in the body will determine the energy and overall health of the body.

⚖️Processed cheese will never be ideal compared to raw cheese. Yes, it’s not as easy or cheap to buy raw cheese but hard, block cheeses are still better than processed American cheese (and much better than cheese made from cheese products).

🇺🇸Most US dairy is pasteurized and most (digestive) enzymes are removed. Raw cheese is ideal as it supports digestion. You CAN buy raw cheese in stores as long as the cheese has been aged for 60 days at 35°F.

🧀Raw Roquefort cheese has antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral MCTs and lauric acids. MCTs don’t need bile acid for digestion so it’s a way to get some more fat in the diet when the body is not used to higher fat.

⚠️Unfortunately, processed cheese do not have these benefits.

🥛Even natural (pasteurized and homogenized) cheese is made directly from milk but processed cheese is not.

❗️Processed cheese is not directly from milk.

🧪Processed cheese is made from several types of natural cheese to form a new cheese. During this process, they also add other less than ideal ingredients.

Unfortunately, most fast foods use processed cheese.

❗️The more you veer from real foods, the less ideal the food becomes.

💡If you are lactose intolerant, you can try aged cheeses like cheddar, parmesan and asiago as they are lactose-free. The aging process ferments the lactose and so aged cheeses become easier on the digestive process.

⛑Try higher quality cheese, even if it means you eat it less often. You may be intolerant to processed cheese and not cheese in its purest forms.

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