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Microblog: Pre-Carnivore – The Three Generations of Healing

Microblog: Pre-Carnivore – The Three Generations of Healing

When I started carnivore nearly 4 years ago, I never thought I’d be in remission with a severe eating disorder and also never have a bout of depression again.

Not one single day.

🎙And if you’ve seen some of my podcast interviews or many of the Cutting Against the Grain podcasts, I’ve somehow turned into a crybaby.

🌱But if you knew me during the 12 years of being plant-based, I could barely shed a tear.

😭For some reason, I could never cry. I guess I’m making up for all the years of being unemotional and apathetic.

And my parents.

🥩When I started healing on a carnivore keto diet, I wanted my parents to start because they had so many physical ailments.

In 6 months, my mom:
🌟Reversed her T2 diabetes (180s with metformin to 110 on average in the AM and no meds)
🌟No longer needs her asthmatic inhaler at night
🌟Healed her edema (pain and swelling)
🌟Healed her dermatitis

In 1 year, my dad:
🌟Lowered his trigyclerides from 277 to 96
🌟Stopped 30+ years of GERD medication (prilosec, tagamet, etc)
🌟Healed perpetuating low moods

And my boys:
🌟Eat meat-based and rarely get sick.
🌟They eat about 8-10 ounces of steak, 6 eggs, butter and raw goat’s milk daily.
🌟And they’re only 4 and 6 years old.

🤱🏻The almost 5-year-old still drinks breastmilk (yes, my meat-based diet has helped my milk flow this long).

Three generations of healing (and thriving).

⛑And all because of meat.

📺The SBS documentary said that at a low, 1.5M people will watch this documentary. At a high, 10M+ will watch the healing powers of a meat-based diet.

🌟This is how we bring about change. One personal healing story at a time.

Meat Heals.♥️










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