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Microblog: One Key Life Tip

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In our chat, @vaughnkohler says one way to be successful is to do the scary, hard things. How many of us do things that pull us away from our comfort zones?

It’s scary. It’s hard.

🌟But it’s these exact things that can help grow and define you as a person.

🥀Comfort does not equate to happiness. It equates to complacency. Same ol’ life, day in and day out.

💔The pandemic has shown what happens when we get used to comfort and complacency.

🌘Once the rug was pulled under us, many of us didn’t know what to do.

🦠We were fighting an invisible enemy. We locked ourselves in our home, began to distrust every single person, and we ate/drank everything in sight to comfort (escape) our fears.

Complacency does not bring happiness.

🤺If we challenge ourselves and try to make the most of every single day (especially when we don’t want to), we build the grit and resiliency to handle hard things that come our way.

📱Our society facilitates isolation which facilitates mental illness.

🤳🏼We can order anything and everything from our couches and we “feel” connected to people by watching social media feeds.

💗But it’s a false connection—we need genuine, in-person, human-touch connection.

📖Studies show that the more you’re on social media, the higher rates of depression and anxiety.

🍩And the processed, palatable foods we eat while in isolation, exacerbates the mental illness.

⚠️No one cares about your life, your health and your well-being more than you.


🙏🏼During the uncertainties of the pandemic, I leaned on God more than ever. I chose to continue living my life and being a strong steward for my children and community.

⛑Because deep down, I’d rather die while sharing my talents, than to be subsisting in a life of fear.

💡Tomorrow is not promised. Focus on today. Make the most of today.



✨Your world just may change. ♥️

Matthew 6:25/34

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