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Microblog: Priorities for Optimal Health

Microblog: Priorities for Optimal Health

In @CarnivoreCure, there is a chapter entirely dedicated to lifestyle. Holistic health doesn’t make sense without considering the fundamental areas of sleep, stress, fasting, exercise and even longevity.

🧠I also talk about mindset, how we think and how sometimes dietary changes are just a part (a big part) of the holistic health puzzle.

🔺As part of the @CarnivoreCure protocol, I created what I consider the hierarchy of optimal health. If there was a holistic health priority list, I’d say nutrition is the most important. But close behind are sleep and stress management.

🙇🏻‍♀️With chronic poor sleep and chronic stress, your health will be compromised. Chronic stress can make your health steadily decline with high cortisol– leading to nutrient deficiencies (cortisol is expensive to make), adrenal and hormonal issues.

⚠️In my practice, I’ve seen carnivores with high stress that can’t lower their blood glucose numbers below pre-diabetic ranges (yes, they are trying higher fat).

🔥Stress management is key.

💤Sleep also gets impacted by stress. It’s a vicious cycle actually because lack of sleep increases cortisol and blood glucose levels. So you will wake up from a cortisol spike in the middle of the night.

💡Manage sleep. Manage stress. (I know it’s easier said than done).

🏠I believe in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (I’ll link to it in stories) and so that’s why my bottom level isn’t nutrition. If you don’t have shelter, safety or water, you aren’t in a place to care for what kind of nutrition you are getting—you are lucky just to survive.

👑For humans to thrive, all the basic and psychological needs must be met.

🥀This is my greatest concern about this pandemic. The upper part of this pyramid is getting absolutely decimated right now.

⛑So especially during this time, make sure to self-care and build on community and connection. Humans cannot survive without connection. And always, always have hope.♥️

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