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Microblog: Mineral Water Is Known to Provide Multiple Health Benefits

Microblog: Mineral Water Is Known to Provide Multiple Health Benefits

If you’re in need of minerals and also need some quality water on the go. Try out some of these mineral waters.

All numbers are represented in mg/dL.

💦Unlike other water, mineral water is bottled at its source and contains natural minerals and other trace elements.

❗️The FDA does not allow minerals to be added to water during bottling. That means these mineral waters are in their natural form.

🦠Mineral water can be treated to remove toxins like arsenic but they are much more natural than club sodas and seltzers (sparkling waters) that add carbon dioxide during canning or bottling.

💧Mineral water is ideal as it has naturally occurring essential minerals when our soils are becoming more and more depleted of minerals.

Some of these minerals are magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, chloride, and fluoride.

🤩Yes, you can get some calcium and magnesium from mineral waters.

⚠️As our soils become deficient in nutrients, we have fewer minerals in our foods (plants, included) but these minerals are essential for life. (defined essential because our body does not make them and so we need them from external sources).

📊And as I review more hair mineral tests, I’m finding that many people are deficient in magnesium (or burning through magnesium) and potassium.

💡As minerals are the sparkplugs to life, we need to make sure we are considering minerals (sometimes called electrolytes) in our daily lives.

🥵When we are stressed, we burn through minerals (hello, cortisol) and we are obtaining less from our waters and foods. (Another reason to manage stress!)

🚫And no, vegetables and fruits aren’t the answer. Remember plants have toxins called antinutrients and these antinutrients mainly bind to MINERALS.

⛑Next time you want sparkling water, try reaching for some mineral water, as these waters contain minerals in their natural form.

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