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Microblog: Never Drink Tap Water Unfiltered

Microblog: Never Drink Tap Water Unfiltered

I rarely use absolutes but this is one. In the US, never drink tap water (and well water likely) unless filtered.

Tap water has been found to contain chloroform, fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, arsenic, pharmaceutical drugs, and radioactive elements.

⚠️FLUORIDE makes little difference in tooth decay but has been linked to suppressing thyroid function, cancer, osteoporosis, organ disease, birth defects and calcification of arteries and joints. (No fluoride toothpaste!)

⚠️CHLORINE is added to water to kill organisms but byproducts of chlorinated water like trihalomethanes accumulate in the body and bog down the detox pathway.

⚠️ARSENIC comes from industrial and mining wastes and pesticides and fertilizers. It leaches into groundwater and dissolved into the water.

This is one reason you should filter well water.

Chemicals in plastic can leech into waters (BPA.)

⚠️Stop dishwashing plastics. Reduce microwaving plastics (NEVER Styrofoam). Especially kid plates and cups. Switch to stainless steel.

⚠️Bottled waters often get plastic leeched into the water. Limit use, especially if the bottle has been in the car on a very hot day.

These disrupt hormone function.

Bathing in filtered water is also ideal. You can change your showerhead to a filtered one. If you take hot showers and your water isn’t filtered, you are inhaling a lot of those chemicals, like chlorine.

🚿Use cold showers in non-filtered water or ideally get the filtered showerheads.

Watch it. They talk about tap water. This movie alone will never make you drink tap water again.

There are many good filtration systems but careful with the ones that remove all minerals. Dead water is just as bad (see @CarnivoreCure).

❓Do I still use plastic bottles occasionally? Yes.

❓Do I drink tap water? I probably do. (restaurants)

There are toxins everywhere. But if we can limit OVERALL exposure, our bodies will have a better chance at optimal health.

💡The body is at least 60% water. You want that nutrient to be sourced from the best quality.

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