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Microblog: Food Addiction and Abstinence

Microblog: Food Addiction and Abstinence

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

The wellness community can argue all day long about whether sugar is good for us, whether it’s healthy in moderation, or whether it’s toxic for metabolic syndrome.

💡That’s only one side of the issue.

🧁The bigger issue (said an addiction neuroscientist) is that SOME people CAN BE addicted to foods, especially processed carbohydrates.

🚨And as Dr. Thompson says, for the people that rank high in food addiction:
🔻there will be NO PEACE
if you keep eating these addictive foods.

🍩So whether or not sugar and carbs are needed for hormones and thyroid health is just one aspect of the debate.

⚠️If you have a tendency to get out of control with sugar and highly processed carb-rich foods, you may want to see them more as a drug than a food.

Everyone is different.

🔎But given my history with disordered eating, I’m smart enough to NOT take advice from someone that has never had a food addiction.


👥And given that almost half of America is obese, I’m sure I’m not alone.

🍺Just like I’d never ask a former-alcoholic to have a drink on occasion, I will never ask a former sugar or carb-addict to have just one bite of carbs for hormone or thyroid health.

🎙Watch the full interview for additional support.

📺 Watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/btAEQRFpN9Q

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