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Tools to Combat Bingeing

Microblog: Eating Disorders and Tools to Find Healing

Tools to Combat Bingeing

Eating disorders are very close to my heart because I suffered with bulimia for over a decade.

⚠️All of us are susceptible. Especially when consuming highly addictive processed foods that adversely impact our dopamine receptors and risks metabolic syndrome.


🥩Eating disorders take over our rational brains. This is why eating and eating enough nutrient-dense foods matters.

🥀Eating disorders can change us. It can make anyone become isolated and self-focused.

⚠️The obsession with food and weight is not the standalone issue. It’s the symptom of the underlying issue.

❤️‍🩹This is where self-introspection and therapy can help.
Learning to cope with anxiety and managing perfectionism is critical.

1️⃣30 million suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime⠀
2️⃣1 in 4 individuals with eating disorders are men⠀
3️⃣Every 62 mins, someone dies from an eating disorder. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. ⠀

🔄Eating disorders, depression and anxiety are all part of the same vicious cycle. When you are combatting the decision to binge every day, the anxiety is high. When you cave into a binge, you almost feel a sense of relief. You don’t have to fight the mental battles anymore.

💔But we trade anxiety with depression, shortly after. Another day consumed by the eating disorder. It’s a vicious cycle.

❤️‍🩹This post shares some tools to try and combat binge tendencies. Disordered eating and eating disorders can debilitate you if you are struggling.

🌟While it’s not easy, I highly encourage seeking help. Eating disorders are a very complex illness that is multi-faceted.

💡Meat-only is not going to cure an eating disorder. You have to heal your relationship with food.

⛑My brother cut me out of his life until I showed I was seeking help. (He made me show therapy receipts). It took meat-only, intensive therapy and God to finally get me healing.

🌈If you’re struggling, know that you aren’t alone.
And most of all, know that you CAN heal.


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