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Microblog: Find What Works for You and It Might Take Time

Microblog: Find What Works for You and It Might Take Time

❓When did eat meat, drink water become so complicated?

📘Yes, there are nuances and I tried to cover a lot of them in @CarnivoreCure, especially since we all have different ailments.

🎯Maybe you need a little more gut support or more fat. Or in the beginning, you need to stick to meat stock instead bone broth. These are nuances that any diet will have.

⚠️But when I hear we HAVE to eat grassfed or HAVE to have carbs for thyroid health or HAVE to stop eating fish, canned fish, grocery chicken and pork. Or that we have to powder glycine on top of our meat or watch this amino acid over that. It’s A LOT.

💡We need to get back to trusting our body and listen less to noise. There is power in gut feeling. If you don’t feel it’s right to be pouring powder on top of your steak, you’re probably right. Or if you think requiring raw carrots doesn’t seem right to have good thyroid health, you’re probably right.

⛔️Don’t focus solely on evidence-based reviews shared (all are skewed in some way), titles, and follower counts. Learn but don’t just follow because… that’s beyond dangerous. That’s how Hitler came into power. See people’s track records and their actions.

🐄Look, we can try to biohack nutrition to be the cleanest it can be and still have issues. I have clients that eat only grass-finished beef and all the various organs (6+ months) and still needed extra support. Nose to tail didn’t fully work.

🧬Genetics plays a huge role and sometimes we draw the winning lottery ticket but oftentimes we don’t. The key is to do the best we can. Hyperfocusing on perfecting nutrition is a cortisol stress on the body.

❌There is no perfection. We are all different, how do you suppose a diet will fit every single person?

⛑Find what works for you and this might take time. Get back to trusting yourself. Because no one cares for your health as much as you.


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