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Microblog: Fasting vs. Eating Disorder – CBT and DBT

Microblog: Fasting vs. Eating Disorder – CBT and DBT

A disclaimer before we get into fasting protocols. If you know deep down that you are using fasting as a tool to offset your binge days, then maybe fasting isn’t right for you.

🙇🏻‍♀️If you struggle with adrenal insufficiency (hair falling out, amenorrhea, waking up multiple times a night), maybe you should hold off on fasting until you heal.

⚠️The reason many SAD dietitians are not for restrictive diets like Carnivore is because it CAN cue the mind to believe the diet IS restrictive and cause us to ultimately eat off plan. THOUGHTS > FEELINGS > BEHAVIORS.

❗️When we believe we’re restricting ourselves, we are cueing our minds to believe it is a difficult habit to keep. And difficult habits are NEVER easy to keep.

How do we break this cycle?

1️⃣Identify your underlying need. When we start to have cravings, cravings can be manifestations of deeper underlying needs. Sometimes we tend to eat off plan because we feel bad for ourselves. “Everyone is eating everything during the weekend and I have to stick to just meat.” These THOUGHTS cause FEELINGS of pity and unfairness and eventually we REACT by eating off plan or BINGEING.

‼️This is where your WHY is important and the community you keep is VERY critical for success.

☝🏼Sometimes food fulfills a deeper need. Maybe it relieved anxiety or was as an escape and in triggering moments, we go back.

🕵🏻‍♂️Figure out the underlying need. Figure out what is missing. Then use a different outlet to fill that need. Find your need and focus on making new habits in response to the emotional cue. (Anxiety ➡️music)

2️⃣Habits are attractive when associated with positive feelings and unattractive with negative feelings. Write down all the reasons you choose carnivore and fasting.

🧚🏼‍♀️Reframe your mindset to see benefits rather than drawbacks. Instead of “I can only eat meat,” reframe to “I get to eat meat.” I have to/should fast tomorrow. Have to and should are dangerously passive. You’re in the driver seat. Act accordingly.⠀

🥩Carnivore can be associated with sacrifice. You can associate it with freedom by acknowledging one simple truth: Eating carnivore today gives you freedom and ability to thrive tomorrow

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