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Microblog: Think of Your Stomach Like a Gas Tank Signaling Hunger and Fullness

Microblog: Think of Your Stomach Like a Gas Tank Signaling Hunger and Fullness

I always say to listen to our bodies and practice mindful eating and intuitive eating. What does that mean?

🙏🏼Take time for prayer, breathe. Get into a parasympathetic state to start the digestive process.

🤔Take a note of your hunger. The ideal is to eat when you are between 3 (Slight Hunger) and 4 (Neutral). You should ideally stop eating when you are at a 5 (Content) or 6 (Full). Warning signs are 2 (Hungry) and 7 (Slightly Uncomfortable).

🎯This takes practice. Before you begin eating, think about how hungry you are.

🥩Then eat.

🦷Chew your food and be mindful. Be present with your food. Stop thinking of what you have to do after you eat. How does your food taste? Ideally chewing 30x per bite is ideal. Yes. 30X. The smaller you breakdown your food, the easier on your digestive system.

🔎How does the steak taste? Taste the flavors. Be present with your food.

👂🏻Listen to your stomach. Are you getting comfortable? Are you done with the beef but can eat some cheese or bacon? Maybe it’s a signal that you’re done.

📖I have a mindful eating sheet that comes with @CARNIVORECURE.

📺If you haven’t watched my interview with Bill Von Hippel, it’s a must watch.

📚We discuss a study on amnesiacs that don’t remember they just ate lunch and will eat another lunch. It tells us that sometimes our hunger and satiety cues are not from our stomach but from our minds and what’s in front of us.

🧠What’s interesting is that whatever the amnesiac ate the 1st time, they wanted something different the 2nd time (even though they don’t remember). Sounds similar to when we’re stuffed but when it’s dessert, we can eat.⠀

❓What does this tell us?⠀

⚙️We have mechanisms that link satiety to similar foods. From an evolutionary perspective, if we eat a variety, our bodies can pull a variety of nutrients and we keep eating. But if we are just eating one type of meat in a meal, then we’ll essentially stop when we get all the nutrients in that one meat and thus feel full.⠀

💡If you don’t feel full, try limiting the variety in your meal. Limit processed meats. Eat a sufficient amount and if you need more butter, cheese, bacon or seasonings, you might just be full.

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