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Chronic Diet Cycle

Microblog: Chronic Diet Cycle – Carnivore as Example

Chronic Diet Cycle

It’s easy to blame a diet. Any diet.

😤I blamed a plant-based diet for ruining my health after following it for 12 years.

🍃But the reality is that there are some people that do well on it IF they supplement smartly AND have good gut health.

🌱It’s a hard way to eat for proper nutrition but some people do well on it.

⚠️Not a lot but some.


❗️At a certain point, we have to be honest, stop blaming the diet, and see where the individual roles are in the cause of less than ideal outcomes.

Things I can agree with the Peaters are:
🔅the inclusion of more minerals
🔅the inclusion of more calories

❗️We must fuel the body well for the body to heal. Well, as in sufficient calories from proteins AND fats.

🔁The consistent theme I see is that on Carnivore, people undereat and on sugar-rich diets, people start to overeat.

🌟If you allow your body to eat sufficiently on a meat-based/keto diet, a lot of healing happens.

🍗Most people can’t be honest with themselves and instead blame the diet.

⚠️But one day, you’ll remember the “CHOOSE YOUR HARD” graphic.

⛑I don’t care what diet you follow. I just want our communities to heal. And at a certain point, we need to take a look within and be honest with our own selves.

💣Because if you keep only blaming the diet, you will chase your tail and end up back at square one. Every. Single. Time. And I don’t wish that for anyone.







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    April 1, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    Judy you are simply amazing. Thank you so much. Your graphics are so amazing . I study them.

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