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Microblog: Detox – Mental and Emotional

Microblog: Detox – Mental and Emotional

The CATG podcast talks about the fear of being keto (read: carnivore).

You can listen to the podcast episode, here.

🚨Warning: it gets very real.

Healing and detoxing is not just the body.

🧠The mind is a big one and probably the hardest one.

🥀Turning to food for coping and escaping is a big one we need to heal.

🐝And the once-carnivore/keto advocates that now have partnered with honey, just don’t get it.

⚖️It’s not always about sharing what to eat and not eat.

Sometimes it’s deeper within.

❌It’s safe to say that everyone knows twinkies is not a health food.

💰But it’s a million-dollar product. It’s so popular that they do market research reports on twinkies. www.cognitivemarketresearch.com/twinkies-market-report

💵And news flash: Twinkie sales keep increasing.

🌟Sometimes health is not JUST finding the right foods. Most of us know that whole food are the best.

❓Then why can’t we just stick to them?

Because this is real life.

🤕We need to understand that mental health plays a huge role in wellness. The majority of the world did not become obese and diabetic because they JUST didn’t know the right foods to eat.

🗑Along with environmental toxins, we need to release emotional toxins our bodies have accumulated, like those related to fear, shame, guilt, bitterness, anger, and resentment.

⛑And if we turn to foods to cope with emotions, we need to work towards healing this area. It’s imperative for healing.

👨🏻‍⚕️Therapists are critical here. Any escape is not ideal as eventually what helped begins to hurt.

I had an eating disorder for 10+ years. It wasn’t fun.

🥩And while people fight for fruits and honey for thyroid health. It was meat-only that gave me my sanity back. And while I was never obese, I know the psyche that can get there.

⚠️We must empathize with our neighbors. We must consider the whole body (including the mind) when giving nutritional recommendations.

🌟The world isn’t easy, especially nowadays. But maybe eating meat-only will force us to face the music and finally heal. No more hiding our feelings in a pint of sugar.

⛑And then once you heal, and truly heal, and you want to dabble in some fruit and honey on occasion, that’s a beautiful place to be.

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