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Microblog: Carnivore Diet Variations – Level of Restriction

Microblog: Carnivore Diet Variations – Level of Restriction

Diets shouldn’t have dogma. And diets shouldn’t have diet police saying what is and isn’t.

🤯If you change your way of eating and feel that followers of the same diet are now shaming you—sure, some of it might be dogma. But a lot of it can be just refuting differing points of view.

✌🏼Let’s not call everything that is of a different view, dogma.

🚗We need diet labels because it helps us to stay in our lanes. I’ve talked so much about how we have finite amounts of decision making, so when we prescribe to a diet, we:
1️⃣ Rule out any decision making which helps us to stay diet-compliant
2️⃣ Diets work to an extent—it takes the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t.

🧩I focus on personalized carnivore that makes you thrive and oftentimes that means only meat. But health should be the ability to be flexible IF you so choose. You shouldn’t be limited to meat because that’s all you can tolerate. Heal at the root cause.

🚥With that said, these categories help people to find a place they fit. Not to be dogmatic but to have a guiding light when they are finding their personalized carnivore.

🥩Some consider Meat + Water Carnivore as the perfect way to do an elimination diet. Eat Beef + Water for a few weeks. See how you feel—that’s your baseline of health before adding new foods.

🐄 Nose to Tail Carnivore, (Ancestral Carnivore) is eating the whole animal. The thought is that this way of eating is a more nutrient-dense carnivore diet.⠀

🐮Some follow Zero Carb Carnivore. Eat only from the animal kingdom. There is more flexibility in this way of eating: raw vs. cooked, organ vs. muscle meat, processed vs. fresh meat, organic vs. conventional—it’s all on the table. This diet is the tried and true Carnivore diet that the long-time Carnivore veterans have followed.

🥑Carnivoreish Keto is the most popular carnivore diet. Some purists would not consider this carnivore but to each their own.

🏆No version is better than the other. Bioindividuality is key. Do what will allow you to be consistent and committed for the long run. Reality check: there is no carnivore-diet trophy at the end of life. So do what works best for you. ♥️

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