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Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Bowel Movements and Fiber

Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Bowel Movements and Fiber

If you feel constipated on carnivore and feel the need for fiber, I’d recommend reading my butyrate post. But in short, butter is derived from the word ‘butyrate.’

❌Ghee does not really have butyrate. But don’t worry if you don’t consume dairy. Many carnivores don’t do consume dairy and are fine with gut health.

📘In @CarnivoreCure, I talk in length about the concerns of fiber and short-chained fatty acids (for butyrate). But if you don’t consume dairy, there are small amounts in the meat.

💡If you feel constipated, try removing dairy, pork rinds, cheese crisps. If that doesn’t work, try removing eggs. Always try increasing the fat.

💧Make sure to drink enough water (half of your body weigh in ounces, so if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces).

🧂And make sure you are salting enough or take some electrolytes. Over time, your bowel movements should stabilize (by a month’s time).

📚There’s a great read called, “Fiber Menace” by Kontantin Monastyrsky. He’s wonderful.

🧈Don’t worry about fiber. If you’re really worried, eat butter and raw cheese.

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