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Microblog: Air Fryer Ribeye Steak Recipe

Ribeye NEVER needs an introduction

📘After taking some time to figure out macronutrients in @CarnivoreCure, I can understand why meat-based advocates are huge fans of ribeye– it’s the closest you’ll get to a natural 70% / 30% fat to protein ratio (in terms of total calories.)

🚧If you have a hard time figuring out macros of 70% fat or 80% fat (of total calories), then you’re in luck. In @CarnivoreCure, I have several macro tables of what a week of eating looks like with the SAME foods being consumed at 70% fat and at 80% fat.

✅There are also nutrient breakdowns of a variety of meats. And spoiler alert, many animal-based foods have vitamin C. There’s also a table for meat-based antioxidants. Okay, I digress.

🧈I’ve already shared many of these tables with my clients and they find them extremely helpful. Just the 10% increase in fat with the same amount of proteins, can mean about 4-5 oz MORE of fat.

I also have a table to decipher what all the percentages on a meat-based mean.
❓80% fat in terms of calories vs. 85% lean on ground beef?
❓Macros of 1:1, 2:1, 3:1?

📊I never understood this clearly and always used percentages by total calories. Well, Kevin helped me do this math to make it very crystal clear.

🔥There are many tables that simplify carnivore to help you understand and figure out your personalized carnivore.

📖I really cannot wait to share @CarnivoreCure—flaws and all!

🥩Okay, back to ribeye! This is my go-to for a lot of meals. I have a full-time practice and we are raising both our boys at home. It’s a crazy, messy and loud home and these quick and simple air-fried meals make easy nutrient-dense meals.

❎I never worry if any meat is going bad in the fridge.

💡So always have some frozen steaks (or patties), and when you’re busy, simply throw them in the air fryer. Add some high-quality salt and you have a warm, nourishing meal.

Can’t beat that.

⛑And if you’re going to ask me about the non-stick, yes, I’m not super thrilled about it but like I write in @CarnivoreCure, health and wellness is about balancing ideals and real life.

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