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Microblog: Texas Style Beef Brisket Recipe

Microblog: Texas Style Beef Brisket Recipe

🤟🏼Austin, Texas has been home for over ten years now. So of course, I’m going to share the coveted Texas-style beef brisket!

🌱I was plant-based when I first moved to Texas and never had brisket. Well, if you’re ever in Texas, make sure to get your hands on the fattiest cuts of brisket. You won’t regret it.

🔥Cooking brisket in the smoker is the most popular way in Texas, but this recipe is pretty good. It’s always a hit during our holiday parties.

🥩Beef doesn’t have to be expensive. On average, brisket is usually $3-4 a pound, and if you get the untrimmed version, you can get more of the high-quality beef fat.

♥️Brisket has a high level of oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid), which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by raising your HDL (“good” cholesterol) markers. (Olive oil does this as well).

🧬Just 3 ounces of brisket contains 28 grams of complete proteins (containing all the essential protein nutrients) and its bioavailable form. Depending on your brisket cut, it has good amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol.

And as if you needed anymore nudging to eat beef, here are some higher nutrients in beef brisket:
✅One serving of brisket has a significant source of B-vitamins (including B12, B6, B2 (Riboflavin), and Niacin (B3).
✅Just 3 ounces of brisket contains 40% of the recommended daily allowance for B12.
❎You can eat 3 TONS of fruits and vegetables, and you’ll be at 0% of the RDA for B12.

Just something to think about.

Brisket is also high in zinc, iron, phosphorus and selenium.
✅And if you’re low in zinc, well, beef brisket has 38% of your daily value in just 3 ounces.
✅3 ounces of beef brisket has 26% of your daily need for selenium.

❓Who said we needed brazil nuts for selenium?

🐟PS. Fish, pork, chicken and eggs are also high in selenium: yes, most foods on a meat-based diet.

⛑So next time y’all (couldn’t resist) get your hands on some Texas brisket, make sure to enjoy it thoroughly. Because now you know it’s also so nutrient-dense for you. (If you try the recipe, make sure to tag me!)

💡Just make sure to eat it away from potatoes, bread and BBQ sauce. (Sorry Rudy’s.)

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