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Microblog: About Nutrition with Judy: Why We Serve

Microblog: About Nutrition with Judy: Why We Serve

I don’t think I’ve ever done an about me post!

⛑My name is Judy Cho and I’m board certified in holistic nutrition. I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner and the author of @carnivorecure.

🙏🏼I frankly serve because I believe it’s what God has commanded me to do. And I frankly LOVE it.

🥩I have a holistic health private practice where we focus on getting people to root-cause healing, and we usually start with the Carnivore Cure’s meat-only elimination diet.

⭐️Our team focuses on making wellness accessible for all. Our priority is getting our clients to optimal health.

🥀It’s not always an easy journey, but we are right there with them along the journey.

💔And frankly, we get it because we’ve all had our crazy healing journeys that brought us to carnivore.

🙋🏻‍♀️I was a strategy/management consult for most of my life before my 12-year plant-based diet nearly caused me to lose everything in my life.

I struggled with:
🔻Crippling depression
🔻Social anxiety
🔻an Eating disorder

🌱I eventually figured out that I was poorly fueling my body (low-fat, high-plant). And once I learned what I learned, I couldn’t unsee what I saw.

📚I went back to school, and as I healed, I promised to serve by sharing what I learned.

So that no one has to go through what I did.

🎙This week I shared a solo podcast episode about my 5-year-carnivore journey.

⭐️ In the episode, I talk about how I’m not here for likes and clicks.

⛑ My mission is for every single person to hear about the powers of meat-only carnivore. And then once we clean up the diet, we can focus on other areas of self-improvement.

✝️ It took my faith and meat to heal me.

Your journey may look different.

🍖But without a properly fueled body, you can never do the hard work to get to root cause healing, and to live the life you were meant to.

🕊We all deserve to live the life we were meant to. We just need to learn the right tools and motivations. And for my desire to share and advocate, I will be a lifelong shaker, challenger and learner.

💫And my wish is that all the grassroots efforts will make a better world for my two young boys.

In ♥️ and the hope for healing,

Nutrition with Judy

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