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Microblog: Bioavailable Copper

Microblog: Bioavailable Copper

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

As @nutritiondetective and I discuss, some people are really into bioavailable copper lately.

🩸I’ve done hundreds of hair mineral tests and bloodwork. Only about 5% may need copper supplementation. (Or they can eat oysters!)

⚠️Copper is used as an IUD to stop pregnancies.

⚠️We also have too much copper in our water supply.

🌱Yes, one of the number one organic pesticides used on plant-based foods is copper.

⚠️We also use copper pipes and copper wiring in homes.

💊I recommend minerals for some of my clients (when deficient and for temporary) and we recommend the formula that says “copper and iron free.”

❓(If supplementing iron and copper was safe, why are there formulas without them?)

⚠️The notion for more copper is concerning as the signs of excess copper are much common than deficiencies.

Abdominal cramping
Black stools
Brown ring-shaped markings in eyes (Kayser-Fleisher rings)
General malaise
Overly excited or overwhelmed
Passing out
Sudden changes in mood
Trouble paying attention
Unusually sad or depressed
Vomiting (sometimes blood in vomit)
Worsening anxiety or irritability
Yellowing skin (jaundice)

🩸Copper IUD toxicity is very real. One study showed that you can lose up to 50 percent more blood during your period when using a copper IUD, causing risks of anemia. Other studies showed excess copper in the blood. (Source, Source, Source)

💡The best way to stop copper toxicity is by supplementing zinc, vitamin B6 and reducing copper exposure. Always work with an experienced practitioner.

Read more: https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/dont-eat-just-beef/

📺 Full interview on YouTube with Dr. Smith: https://youtu.be/iix5vSYu8Gg

🎙Full interview on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/10945254-vitamin-a-and-copper-toxicity-opposing-thoughts-on-dietary-interventions-dr-garrett-smith

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