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Microblog: 95% of Serotonin Is in the Gut

Microblog: 95% of Serotonin Is in the Gut

Did you know that serotonin is mostly in the gut?

Serotonin regulates mood, anxiety, and fear. And while serotonin in the gut can’t cross into the brain, it DOES transmit signals to one another (hence a neurotransmitter).

🍗Serotonin requires B-vitamins, tryptophan and omega-3 fats to be made.

🤒Some focus on thyroid function to regulate body temperature. Well, serotonin also controls body temperature.

💡Maybe we should be focusing on gut health as root cause and not thyroid health.

📚Studies show that IBS-C patients have an imbalance in serotonin transmission, causing alterations in GI hormones and neurotransmitters. Deficient serotonin seems to be associated with constipation.

📕Mast cell activation (histamines) has been shown to be associated with hypersensitivity experienced in all types of IBS.

⛑Heal. The. Gut.

💊If you take SSRIs, consider healing the gut instead of forcing the brain to keep more circulating serotonin.

💡Heal the gut = more serotonin.

💤Serotonin also manages our sleep-wake cycle and produces melatonin (sleep hormone).

📘Low serotonin contributes to increased anxiety and poor sleep but Increasing serotonin via tryptophan has shown to improve sleep.

💦If you have hot flashes at night, it’s likely the activation of your fight/flight response.

🚨Likely, in your sleep, your blood sugar went too low and cortisol, norepinephrine was released to keep you alive and manage your blood sugar levels (thus a sudden increase in glucose levels).

🎢Night sweats are similar to the fight/flight response we have before we give a speech. Diet, stress and life is causing you to have a blood sugar imbalance. Cortisol has to come to save the day.

⚠️If you aren’t sleeping well on carnivore, consider these. Are you:
❓eating enough?
❓eating too much protein, not enough fat?
❓eating too close to bedtime?
❓eating too much honey, juice or fruit?
❓managing life stressors?

🐻Perceived stress and real stress is the same to the body. This will keep your body in a chronic stressed state and you don’t want that blood sugar rollercoaster constantly on in the body.

💡Heal the gut. Reduce stress. Cut carbs. Eat fatty meat. Mg spray. Then sleep will come.




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