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Microblog: 84% of Vegans & Vegetarians Eventually Go Back to Eating Meat

Microblog: 84% of Vegans & Vegetarians Eventually Go Back to Eating Meat

In 2014, a U.S. study of over 11,000 former and current vegans and vegetarians found that 84% of plant-based dieters eventually ate meat again.

📚This research was not done by the meat industry but the U.S. Humane Research Council that performs research for animal protection groups (PETA). The findings showed that these groups should not recommend people to become vegan or vegetarian.

🥗The more effective, long-term strategy would be to recommend a very low meat-diet.

🌱And plant-based advocates are taking this to heart.

🔸We are seeing plant-based food options in fast food locations.

🔸We hear about meatless Mondays.

🔸Even James Wilkes (Game Changers) recommends a plant-based diet, not a plant-only diet.

📖In @CarnivoreCure, I cite a study where less than 5% of Americans identify as vegan or vegetarian.

👥In 2014, that number was even less. In fact, 88% of the U.S. population has never been vegan or vegetarian.

💰While we think the plant-based movement is growing, they are a small population. They just have great marketing efforts with all the celebrity-corporate-backed money.

🥩The reason most people cannot stay plant-based is because we need meat for optimal health. There is no other food that provides the most nutrient-density and bioavailability per bite. None.

⛑Our bodies have innate wisdom. When we try to eat food that has gone bad, the rancid stink makes us stay away. The body does the same with a meatless diet. 84% of former vegans and vegetarians come back to meat because something innately in the body makes them go back. It can come as cravings for meat (read: missing nutrients.)

🥀There are so many nutrients lacking in a plant-based diet. (I’ll share the specific nutrients in my next post.)
Sure, you can supplement B12 and other nutrients but is a diet that requires supplementation an optimal diet for humans?

⚠️And if you eat low-fat vegan or vegetarian, you’ll really be in trouble with mood disorders and mental health.
Don’t. Fear. Fat.
For one, we need fat for our steroid hormones (cortisol).

💡I am part of that 84% statistic but eating meat again (and lots of it) has given me back my life. I know it can for you too. ♥️

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