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Microblog: 50M Americans Suffer from Mental Illness

Microblog: 50M Americans Suffer from Mental Illness

1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness (likely more now).

🤕Depression is the no. 1 disability. Mental health disorders cost the world $1 trillion in lost productivity a year.

❓Genetics come into play but what if it’s more about the food and less about something broken with our neurotransmitter uptake and regulation?

❓After all, kids-turned-adults tend to eat the same way they did growing up. So how much is it genetics and how much is it the food we fuel our bodies with?

🥀I suffered with severe post-partum depression and was on antidepressants. But I was also low-fat and plant-based. Never once was I asked about my diet.

🥩As soon as I went meat-based, my moods stabilized and ZERO meds. I now have clients that deal with the adverse effects of being on ADs and it’s not simple to come off of.

🧠Our brain is made up of 60% cholesterol and when we’re very stressed, we need MORE cholesterol to make the steroid hormone, cortisol.

🧈Cortisol is made from cholesterol.

🚨Our body prioritizes what allows us to survive another day— the body will always prioritize balancing sugar levels in the blood. The difference between normal blood sugars and diabetes is only a ¼ of a TSP. (math in @carnivorecure)

⚖️So, if the body has to choose between cholesterol for cortisol production (for blood regulation) OR cholesterol for brain health, the cholesterol for blood regulation will likely win.

🤕Repeat over time, and there goes your mental health.

⚠️This is why a high-stressed, high-carb diet (and poor sleep) will adversely impact your mental health.

💊The same happens with statins. We reduce cholesterol in our bodies with statins. What does that mean for cholesterol in the brain for mental health?

❌Low cholesterol is linked to mental imbalances. Serotonin dysfunction is implied in major depression and suicide.

❓Should the answer be to regulate serotonin with meds or find the root cause? After all, most antidepressants stop working after a while.

🎙Check out the latest NwJ podcast. Dr. Julia Rucklidge has proven in clinical studies that nutrient-density can be MORE effective than psychiatric drugs.

🥩The right food IS medicine.

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  • Annie Bizier
    July 3, 2023 at 10:54 pm

    Hi Judy! I was wondering if you may be able to delve deeper into mental health, specifically bipolar! I’ve been hearing about keto and carnivore potentially being a solution but no specifics! Thank you!

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