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Microblog: What the Fruit?

Microblog: What the Fruit?

They say fruit is nature’s candy but I’d argue that modern day fruit is closer to just candy.

🌾Many of us agree that we should eat like our ancestors. My definition of ancestors may be different than some but we can all agree that eating like we did before the invention of modern agriculture is probably ideal.

☠️Boxed, processed, sugary foods and inflammatory vegetable (seed) oils is less than ideal. Chronic exposure is toxic to our bodies. And in this case, food is poison.

❓But what about fruit?

⚖️As I said in my last community Q&A, consuming fruit is highly dependent on the individual.

🙃But let’s also not pretend that eating modern day fruit is consistent with ancestral eating. Our ancestors that picked berries did not see it daily or even monthly.

🍓Some berries are in season during the spring but most berries are only NATURALLY available during the summer.

🕒That’s THREE months out of TWELVE.

Just 25% of the year.

🫐So maybe you should only be eating fruit during the hot summer months, when fatty meats may not seem as appetizing. (It’s always appetizing for me. But one argument I get often.)

🌈Our plant-based veggies and fruits are also not the same as the wild one’s hundreds of years ago. And when we now say eating the rainbow is the healthiest of diets, it’s quite misleading.

💡We never had the rainbow that we have available now.

🍇We understand that modern technology has given us genetically modified foods and breeding favorable plants has created fruits like plumots and cotton candy grapes.

🍉This is how we’ve created seedless watermelons and tangerines without seeds.

🍑This is how we’ve also created super sweet fruits that never existed in nature before.

⛑Figure out what plant-based foods makes sense in your meat-centered diet. But let’s not pretend that the fruit and veggies we eat today are the same as hundreds of years ago.

💡Or that meat + fruit is ancestrally consistent 24/7, 365 days of the year.





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