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Microblog: Are You a When and Then Person?

Microblog: Are You a When and Then Person?

Are you a WHEN and THEN person?

❓How often have we thought, WHEN I get thin, THEN I’ll be happy.

Or WHEN I get the new job, THEN I’ll be happy?

Or WHEN I get healed, THEN I’ll be happy?

❓How many of us have reached the THEN, only to realize we’re not really happy? Or that the momentary happiness fades quickly?

🥅In the podcast episode, we talk about how our goalposts tend to change even when we get to the THEN.

💡Maybe we’re having the wrong mindset.

🥀If you’re struggling with diet, with anything in your life and you just need some encouragement, make sure to check out this episode.

🌹It may just help you win your day. And some days, that’s all we need.

Make sure to check out the episode:


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