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Microblog: Food as Medicine – Accessible for Everyone

Microblog: Food as Medicine – Accessible for Everyone

A lot of my clients ask me if they should only eat the highest quality meats. From all my nutritional training, the answer is easily a yes.

But once I worked with real people, my answer has changed.

💡Not everyone can afford to eat the highest quality meats and foods.

Sure, it’s easy to say to someone “but save your money to buy higher quality meats.”

⚠️But if you have a family and if you eat meat-based for more than four humans, it’s not that simple.

⚖️The difference can be anywhere from 50% to 600% higher in grocery bills.

👏🏼Yes. Support your local farmers. (I’m indebted to my farmer John for 6 years of raw goat’s milk and eggs for my boys).

👏🏼Yes. Eat highest quality if you are doing an elimination diet for healing, especially for autoimmune imbalances.

👏🏼Yes. Eat higher quality if you aren’t getting better on conventional meats.


I had a client that is eating beef only for ONE YEAR because in his country higher quality fish, eggs, and chicken are hard to come by.

🥀Because he’s bought into the dogma of only high-quality meats, he’s becoming malnourished. (His bloodwork shows it).

Also, no food is picture perfect. I can disseminate flaws in Every. Single. Better. Food.

❓Some grassfed meat is raised by busy streets and EMF towers. Ideal? Or GMO farms are right next to organic farms. When they spray glyphosate where do you think the wind blows the pesticides?

♥️As practitioners and advocates for this way of eating, we must be practical for the average person.

In America, the typical salary is $52,000 a year. If you’re feeding a family of four, this salary makes it VERY HARD to eat the BETTER foods on a weekly basis.

And in 2018, 42.4% of Americans were classified as obese.

❗️We shouldn’t make health JUST for the privileged. And it’s not JUST about prioritizing spending.

🌈An obese person eating a SAD diet will be leaps and bounds healthier eating ONLY conventional ground beef, eggs and bacon, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Our communities need to heal.

⛑And we need to start by making food as medicine accessible for everyone.




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