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Are EMFs a Concern?

emf health concerns

Are EMFs a Concern?

emf health concerns

Original Publish Date: 2/12/23


In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified EMFs as a possible carcinogen. A 2018 study revealed the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from 5G. The study showed that EMFs cause everything from DNA damage and sleep disruption to the increased risk of cancer. 


In the Lancet Planetary Health medical journal, the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Organization (the largest online database of peer-reviewed studies on RF-EMF), reported that of 2,266 studies, 68% demonstrated significant biological or health effects associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields. (Source)


Acute non-thermal RF-EMF exposure has been shown to:

  • alter human brain metabolism
  • alter electrical activity in the brain
  • cause systemic immune responses
  • increase oxidative stress and DNA damage


Additionally, based on the 2018 National Toxicology Program’s 10-year, rodent study, cancer risk was a major concern. 


Children and EMFs

What about children?


Before the age of 15, a child’s brain is still developing and neuron pathways are much more malleable. Children’s brains are more sensitive to external factors such as electromagnetic waves, while also absorbing the radiation more easily.


Many countries recognize these concerns and have changed policies. France and Israel have banned Wi-Fi in nursery schools and have made it illegal to sell phones to children under the age of 7.


We have zero rules in the United States, just a commitment to do more research. 


If we can limit children’s screen time, it would be ideal. Every time they hold screens, they are getting higher levels of exposure.


My children use screens every day and they go to schools that use Wi-Fi and Alexa/Siri devices, so I understand the impracticalities. But there are still things we can do. 


  • I do not allow my children to wear any wearables (e.g., apple watches, ear pods, oura rings, or even a wireless mouse). I also do not wear any of these wearables either.  
  • We have EMF blockers (we use one from Aires Tech) in the children’s bedroom so that when they are sleeping, they get 10+ hours of limited to no EMF exposure. We have no EMF gadgets in their room. (No child monitors, cameras, radios, electronics, etc.) 
  • I sometimes give them a little bit of glutathione and NAC before they play and sweat outside. This will help boost their detox pathways. 


Other EMF Recommendations

  • Turning off Wi-Fi at night is ideal. Admittedly, we rarely do this. Hence the use of the Aires Tech.
  • We only have our cameras on when we are away from the house. We also have very limited Smart electronics and appliances in our home. 
  • Never ever put your phone by your head. Use the speaker. Just like we don’t put our faces against a microwave, we don’t want to put our heads by the phone. 
  • Your phone should at least be 3 feet from your head when sleeping. Ideally, leaving it in another room is best. 
  • Request non-smart water and electric meters in your home. (I paid a fee to change this but it’s worth the extra few dollars we pay monthly). 
  • If you’re house hunting, try not to buy a home near the large towers that are going up everywhere. 


If all of this seems woo-woo, just get an EMF reader. Numbers don’t lie. Headaches are a big indication of too much exposure. 


Some studies show that blocking exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produces significantly reduced symptoms with autoimmune diseases:


  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Celiac disease


It’s really difficult to stop all EMFs and Wi-Fi exposure but we can try to do our best in our homes. I have some clients who are so unwell that they can never be near a computer. We do all correspondence through her mother and via paper mail. 


You can read more about EMF supports in this detailed resource guide.


Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Summit Takeaways

One of our nutritional therapists joined the EMF Hazards Summit. We wanted to share some of the big takeaways here. 


An electromagnetic field (EMF) is simply an area of moving electrical charges. For most people, exposure to EMFs occurs daily because the fields are virtually everywhere.


Constant exposure to EMFs is most certainly not safe.


Every speaker shared information very valuable to keeping your body as strong and healthy as possible with EMFs all around us. However, some key information really stuck out from a few of the experts.


EMF Sensitivity is a Symptom

Dr. Stephanie McCarter, in her talk, “Is Electro Hypersensitivity ‘Curable’ or Permanent?” brings up the importance of how other underlying biotoxins that the body is suffering from are the root cause issues of EMF sensitivities. 


She drives the facts home by saying mold and metals are the worst biotoxins (and most common) that lead to hypersensitivity to EMFs. These other toxins in a person play the largest role in how the body is able to handle constant exposure to EMFs.


Dr. McCarter sees this first-hand during her decades of practicing medicine. She says cleaning up your house and environment is paramount in how your body can and will handle the constant exposure to EMFs.


Dr. McCarter is board certified in Internal Medicine and board of the National Association of Environmental Medicine.


Infertility on the Rise

With infertility on the rise and no end in sight, we are always looking for reasons and answers as to why. Though there is no one magic bullet answer, EMFs are playing a role in the rise of male infertility. In Dr. Martin Pall’s talk, “Exactly How EMFs Are Harming Your Cells” he paints the picture of what EMFs are doing to male sperm.


He explains when there is a group of sperm placed near 5G, compared to a group of sperm not placed near 5G, the group placed near 5G had high abnormalities, higher rates of apoptosis, and a higher rate of impaired motility.


Male infertility was referred to in a letter Dr. Pall wrote to the Governor of Sacramento, CA in 2017 and in one of his published papers in 2019 which also speaks about female infertility. He also discussed that there are no real safety studies being done with EMFs such as 5G. However, we are told the technology and devices are safe for us to use.


Dr. Pall is a professor of biochemistry and a specialist in the effects of low-intensity microwave frequency electromagnetic fields on the human body.


Mold and EMFs

The mind-body connection is real, and how each person reacts to certain conditions and circumstances will vary. Dr. Neil Nathan’s talk, “How Mold & Other Toxins Impacts Electro Sensitivity” shared the importance of the limbic system, the vagal nerve, and how they shut down when the body’s safety is on the line. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) also known as mold illness is an example of a root-cause illness that can cause EMF sensitivity.  


When the limbic and vagal nerve function is threatened, and it deems the surroundings (internal or external) as not safe, it will shut down in an effort to save you (also considered the polyvagal theory).


Dr. Nathan revealed the chilling truth that the transition from 4G to 5G amplified EMF exposure by a factor of 1000. This is certainly not good news for those with limbic system impairment.


Dr. Neil Nathan is board-certified in Family Medicine and Pain Management, as well as the author of many best-selling books.


*NoteDr. Neil Nathan and Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s approach to mold illness is vastly different. Dr. Shoemaker’s protocol is the only mold-illness (CIRS) protocol that is rooted in evidence-based research and backed by many published peer-reviewed studies.  That is why I decided to get trained and certified with Dr. Shoemaker.



EMFs are less than ideal for our health. It’s impossible to remove all EMF exposure, but you can reduce the exposure in your home. Most importantly, if you know you have EMF sensitivities (more noticeably than others), you are likely suffering from a deeper root-cause issue.


In health,


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