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Microblog: Why Avoiding Dairy Is a Crutch

Microblog: Why Avoiding Dairy Is a Crutch

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I am an advocate of a meat-only carnivore diet for healing.

🐑You can do meat-only carnivore for long-term and thrive.

🌱There are plant-based toxins (antinutrients) that we may just do better without.

⛑But I believe in health and wellness over any specific diet.

🐄Initially as we heal, we may need to be ruminant-meat and water only. Hence the elimination diet.

💡But long-term, we should be able to tolerate all animal-based foods, including higher histamine seafood, eggs and dairy. (Raw dairy is best for sensitivities).

📊All animal-based foods have slightly different nutrient profiles but as a whole, it’s the most complete nutrient profile you will find.

🌈Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, salmon, oysters, butter, eggs = This is a rainbow of meats. And it covers all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Even some vitamin C.

❤️‍🩹If you can only tolerate certain meats, that’s okay. Do that while you heal.

🔎But if you are one year into meat-only carnivore and still sensitive to specific meats, it may be time to dig deeper.

🔸MCAS or histamines do not work alone.
🔸Candida and fungal overgrowth do not work alone.
🔸Gut issues do not work alone.

🕵🏻‍♀️There is always a root cause for imbalances and the goal is to figure out the underlying condition.

🥩Meat-only carnivore with a rainbow of meats, is the most nutrient-dense, low-inflammatory diet possible.

🍗But when we eat only specific meats that we can tolerate (even after one year), Carnivore becomes a band-aid.

🏅The goal is health. And if we have proper health, we can tolerate a rainbow of meats and be just fine.

🏆The goal is to TOLERATE plant-based whole foods but CHOOSE to eat meat-only or mostly meat.

To me, that is true health.

🥀If you can’t tolerate most meats (a lot of my clients can’t), work with someone to dig deeper. There is always a root-cause that’s causing the issue.

🌟I firmly believe we can all get to root-cause healing. It may take some work but it is possible.

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